How to sync your Trello boards with Google Calendar

Yana Revushkina
Yana Revushkina
March 04, 2020 · 7 min read

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If you use a lot of calendars to track your projects and personal tasks, your life can get pretty messy. Planyway team calendar is a Trello plugin that lets you synchronize your Trello boards with Google Calendar in both directions. That way, you get an overview of your whole schedule, so you can focus on the right things.

When you synchronize a Trello board with Google Calendar, all the cards on your Trello board with due dates will be added to your Google Calendar.

Any changes you make in Trello will be reflected in the connected Google Calendar and vice versa. New tasks you create in Google Calendar will similarly be reflected in your Planyway calendar and Trello board.

By syncing your boards using Planyway, you can:

  • Track your daily workload. See how much time you actually have for tasks with all those meetings and events.
  • Avoid scheduling conflicts. Synchronize all your calendars in one place so you won’t accidentally plan multiple events at the same time.
  • Block off time for important tasks and projects. Don’t let other tasks distract you and kill your productivity.
  • Keep track of your assignments on Google Calendar. It’s an easy way to get the notification about a new task assigned to you.
  • Share your availability. Show the events connected with Google Calendar as busy or free.

How it works

  1. Install the Planyway team calendar for Trello. You can choose between the Google Chrome extension or the Trello Power-Up.

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  1. Click the “Sync with Google” toggle in the Planyway calendar sidebar.
  2. Choose the Google account you want to sync with.
  3. Authorize syncing with your Google account.
  4. Choose sync options. Then, click Sync.
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  1. A new calendar with your board’s name will be created in Google Calendar.
Planyway boards woth google calendar boards woth google calendar

Note that each board has its own sync settings. To sync more than one board, repeat the above actions for each board you want to sync.

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