Meet Trello checklists in Planyway cards

February 14, 2020 · 4 min read

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A checklist is a great tool to define subtasks and to-do lists within a task. Now, you can add and manage checklists right in a Planyway card.


Add a checklist using the checklist icon in the top-right corner of Planyway’s card editor.

add trello checklist

Click “+ Add an item” to add a new checklist item.

add trello checklist

To rename a checklist or checklist item, click the list or item title and type a new name.

To add a second checklist to a card, click the checklist icon again. You can continue clicking the icon to add as many checklists as you need.


Mark checklist items as complete or incomplete by clicking the checkbox near their titles. Click “Hide completed” if you don’t want to see completed items.

add trello checklist


Click “Delete” near the checklist name to delete it. To delete a checklist item, click the X icon to the right of its name.

add trello checklist

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