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Often, workflows in Trello have a complicated structure that could benefit from an extra level of organization. For example, you might want to break up a task into smaller parts, divide it among multiple people, or list things you don’t want to forget during execution. A checklist is the easiest way to track subtasks within a larger task.

Add a checklist

Add a checklist by clicking the checklist icon in the upper-right corner of Planyway’s card editor.

Planyway Add a checklist

Click “+ Add an item” to add a new checklist item.

Planyway Add an item

To rename a checklist or checklist item, click the list or item title and type a new name.

To add a second checklist to a card, click the checklist icon again. You can continue clicking the icon to add as many checklists as you need.

Assign team members to checklist items

If a particular member of your team needs to perform a task, you can assign that person to its checklist item. Click the team member icon to the right of the checklist item’s title and choose a team member.

Planyway Assign team member

Schedule checklist items

Schedule checklist items on the calendar by clicking the calendar icon to the right of the checklist item’s name. You can make items last for one or more days and add the exact time when items are due.

Planyway Schedule icon Planyway Added schedule item

After adding dates to checklist items, the items will appear in your Planyway calendar as separate cards.

Planyway Schedule checklist items in calendar

Mark items as complete

Mark a checklist item as complete or incomplete by clicking the checkbox near its title. Click “Hide completed” if you don’t want to see completed items in the list.

Planyway Hide completed button

Delete checklists and items

Click “Delete” near a checklist’s title to delete it. To delete a checklist item, click the X icon to the right of its title.

Planyway Delete checklists and items button
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