Often, workflows in Trello have a complicated structure that could benefit from an extra level of organization. For example, you might want to break up a task into smaller parts, divide it among multiple people, or simply list things you don’t want to forget. A checklist is the easiest way to track subtasks within a main task.

Planyway checklists

Add new check items

Click “+ Add check item” to add a new checklist item.

Planyway checklists add new checkitem

Or add a new check item to a card by clicking on the icon on any card in a task list.

Planyway checklists add new checkitem from task list

And you can create a check item right on the calendar or timeline:

Create multiple checklists

You can add as many checklists as you’d like, each with its own set of subtasks. Click on themenu in the upper right corner and navigate towards Add checklist.

Planyway create multiple checklists

Assign members

Click the team member icon to the right of the check item’s title and choose a team member.

Planyway assign member to checklist

Besides, you can assign people to check items in the card editing dialog and when you create check items by clicking anywhere on the calendar or timeline.

Schedule check items

To add start and end dates to a check item, click on the calendar icon to the right of the check item’s name. You can make items last for one or more days and add the exact time when items are due.

After adding dates to check items, they will appear in your Planyway calendar as separate cards.

You can drag and change the duration of check items on the timeline as you would do with a regular card.

To remove a check item from the calendar, but keep it in a checklist, right-click on an item and choose Remove from calendar.

Hide check items

If you don’t need to see check items on the calendar/timeline at the moment, click View settings to hide them from view.

Planyway hide check items

Reorder check items

You can manually change the order of your check items in a parent card.

Manage checklist status

The number you see next to the icon on cards in task lists represents the number of incomplete check items. Click on the icon to open a checklist. You can mark a check item complete or incomplete by clicking the checkbox to the left.

Planyway manage checklist status

It’s also possible to complete check items on the calendar/timeline or in the parent card’s editing dialogue.

Delete a check item

You can delete a check item as well as a whole checklist (careful!) in a parent card.

Planyway delete check item

To delete a check item from a task list, right-click on it and choose Delete.

Planyway delete check item from tasklist

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