Export to Excel or CSV

Export your Planyway data to Excel or CSV

Data is exported according to the settings of your Planyway board, so before you proceed, check the following parameters:

  1. Filters
  2. Completed cards visibility
  3. View settings
  4. Connected boards and calendars
Planyway Export to Excel or CSV Settings

After you make sure that Planyway shows everything you want to export, find Settings, click Export to Excel or Export to CSV and select the date period you want to cover. Then, the final and most important step, download the Excel or CSV file on your computer.

You can download your Planyway data in the Excel or CSV file and open it in Microsoft Excel (here’s the instruction on how to do that), as well as in Google sheets (check this help article out).

Export timesheet entries to Excel or CSV

Did you know that you can also export your time entries separate from other card types? Take a look at this article about time tracking to find out how to export your timesheet.

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