Milestones are a great way to highlight key dates and keep your team aligned with goals and deadlines.

Milestones in the Timeline view

To enable milestones, click the view settings icon in the navigation bar. Then, choose Milestones to add a milestone lane above all your team members or boards.

Planyway milestones in settings

To create a milestone, click any date in a milestone lane where you want to add it.
You can work with a milestone as if it were a regular card: you can give it a name, assign it to team members, set a time for it, and mark it as complete.

To make a milestone from an existing card, choose the Milestone option in the card editing dialog.

Planyway make milestone from existing card

Milestones in the Calendar view

In Calendar views, milestones with due times set are shown on a timetable. You can easily identify milestones by their red border.

Planyway milestones in calendar view
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