Multi-board view

Planyway can help you to manage cards from multiple Trello boards on one timeline or calendar. You don’t need to switch between multiple Trello boards anymore now that you can manage all your cards in one place.

How to add cards from other boards to your timeline or calendar?

In the sidebar to the left, find the Connected boards section. Hover over the + sign and click to open the drop-down menu. Select boards to add to your Planyway view or add them by URL.

You can filter cards from the connected boards to view only those assigned to you.

Planyway Multiboard Board Filter

How to schedule cards from the connected boards?

Each board can have its own set of lists with cards that need to be scheduled. To switch between task panels of the connected boards, click on the drop-down menu at the top left of the task panel.

Planyway Multiboard Task Panel

When creating new cards on the timeline or calendar, you can choose which board and list they will be added to.

How to easily differentiate cards from the connected boards?

To spot which board a card belongs to on the timeline or calendar, turn on the Board toggle in the Fields parameters.

Planyway Multiboard Board Field

Group the timeline by Board to visualize cards in the corresponding lane. Moving a card from one lane to another changes its assigned board.

Planyway Multiboard Group Boards

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