Multi-board view

You can use multi-board views to track cards from several boards on one timeline or calendar view.

Click next to Boards in the sidebar to choose the boards you want to connect from the list.

Planyway multi-board view choose board
Tip: A color-coded icon shows which board each task belongs to.

When you want to display only cards assigned to you from other boards, use a board filter.

Planyway multi-board view board filter

To create a new card for a different board, set the new card’s board and list using the corresponding fields in the card editor.

Planyway multi-board view create new card for different board

Switch between boards using the menu at the top of the task panel to see task lists from other connected boards.

Planyway multi-board view taskboard filter
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Use Planyway filters to narrow down the scope of work you’d like to see at a particular moment

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