Notification center

Looking for a way to be automatically notified of approaching tasks, new assignments, or simply when someone mentioned you in a card? Using the Planyway notification center, you can now check and manage all your notifications and reminders.

What will I be notified about?

Planyway can notify you about the following:

  • Cards and checklists are assigned to you
  • Someone mentioned you in the card comments
  • Reminders are set for the cards you’re watching

How to set reminders and notifications?

To be reminded of a card’s start, you need to add a reminder to it. Open the editor and click on Reminder to add one.

Planyway Notification Center Add Reminder

To learn more, please check our help article on Reminders.

Notifications about you being mentioned in the comments or assigned to a card will be sent to you automatically.

Planyway Notification Center New Notification
Tip: The red flashing dot will signal you if you have new notifications or reminders.

Desktop and Push Notifications

Desktop notifications are sent to you from your browser. Push notifications are visible only in the app. You can select how you’d like to be notified in the notification settings.

Planyway Notification Center Settings
Note: for desktop apps like Microsoft Teams and the Trello desktop app, Planyway in-app notifications are only available.

How to disable notifications?

To disable all notifications, click on the icon to open the notification center. Then click the icon to open the notification settings and remove the selection from all notifications:

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