Time Estimation

When you plan project resources, it’s important to understand how much time particular tasks may take. In Planyway you can add an estimation to each card and then compare planned hours with the actual time spent.

Adding an estimation

  1. Open a card’s editor
  2. Find the Add estimation field
  3. Click to type estimated hours
Tip: You can use the mouse wheel to quickly change the number of hours.

Comparing planned vs actual hours

Now, when you estimated how much time a card should take, you’ll be able to compare it to the time that was actually spent on this task. Interested in how to track time in Planyway? Check our help article about Time Tracking.

Comparing planned vs actual hours

Visualizing estimations on cards

To keep track of your team’s performance you can enable the visualization of estimated and spent time on your cards. Click Fields and turn on Estimation and Tracked time toggles:

Visualizing estimations on cards

Export to CSV

Planyway gives you the possibility to export your cards with estimated and spent time to CSV. Our help article Export to CSV will guide you, take a look.

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