Time Tracking

Time Tracking in Planyway can help you and your team to log the time spent on tasks by adding time entries to cards. Furthermore, the time tracking mode makes it easy to report and keep an eye on your own time entries.

Creating time entries in the time tracking mode

It’s quick and easy to add time entries to your cards in the time tracking mode.

1) You can drag and drop cards from the list section to the calendar in the time tracking mode to create multiple time entries for these cards. One card can be dragged and dropped to the multiple time slots.

2) You can also add time entries in the time tracking mode by clicking anywhere on the calendar.

  1. Just pick a date on the calendar where you want to log time.
  2. Click and hold to stretch a time entry up and down. This way you can adjust its duration.
  3. Search for a parent card. It is the card that you create a time entry for.
  4. Check the parameters you set and adjust them if necessary. Click Save.

If you add a time entry in the all-day section, it won’t have a specified time period. Although, you can add a duration to it.

3) And you can track time in Planyway using the timer. Tick tock, tick tock, the clock is on and the timer is running.

To start the timer on a particular card, click on Start timer in the time tracking mode and then search for the parent card to launch the timer. Once you stop the timer, a time entry will be added to the chosen parent card.

Start timer

Adding time entries to cards in the calendar or timeline

Open a card and scroll down to find the clock icon . You can either choose to add time manually by picking a date and time as well as entering the number of hours spent on this task or simply launch the timer. Once you stop it, the timer will add a time entry automatically.

Visualizing time entries

To show time entries on your calendar or timeline, click the view settings icon View in the navigation bar and choose Time entries.

Visualize time entries

You can also check daily time reports of your team in the convenient timeline view.

Check daily reports

Exporting time entries to CSV

Here’s the short and simple instruction to follow.

  1. Navigate to Time tracking tab

  2. Find and click Export to CSV button in the header of your Planyway calendar

  3. Select the date period you want to include in the report

  4. Click on Export to CSV and download the file on your computer

You can open the CSV file in Microsoft Excel (take a look at the instruction here), as well as in Google sheets (this help article can be handy) or in the other tools.

Planned vs actual hours

Measure performance against estimation with logged and estimated time. To add an estimated time you plan to spend on a card:

  1. Find the estimation icon in the upper right side of a card
  2. Click on it to add an estimation
  3. Define how many hours per day this card is estimated to take
  4. To hide the estimation section, click on once again

Deleting time entries

To delete a time entry in the time tracking mode, hover over a time entry and press Shift + Delete on your keyboard. Besides, you can right-click on it and select Delete manually.

Delete time entries

You can also delete a time entry in the card editing dialogue of a mother card. Open a card with added time tracking entries, navigate to the time entries section and click to the right of a time entry.

Delete time entries in dialog
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