Time tracking

Track your team performance and see how much time your team spends on a given task or project.

Adding Time entry to an existing card

Choose Add time entry option in the card editing dialog.

Planyway time tracking

Pick a date and set time or a number of hours spent on that task.

Planyway time tracking pick date and set time

Creating a Time entry on the calendar

To create a Time entry, click any date and time on the calendar where you want to add it. In the opened card editor choose the Time entry option. Then search for a parent card. It is a card that you create a Time entry for.

Planyway time tracking creating a time entry

You can add a comment for the entry and set a duration for it. After adding a date and time to the Time entry, it appears on your Planyway calendar as a separate card.

Visualizing Time entries

To show Time entries on your calendar, click the view settings icon in the navigation bar and choose Time entries.

Planyway time tracking view settings

You can also check daily time reports of your team in a convenient Timeline view.

Planyway time tracking timeline

Planned vs. actual hours (using Trello Custom Fields)

Measure performance against estimation with Time entries and Custom Fields. To create a time estimate field, add Custom Fields Power-Up to your Trello board first. Then click on Edit Power-Up Settings, and add a new field. Newly created custom fields would appear in your Planyway cards.

Planyway time tracking time estimate
Tip: To make room for 1 free Power-Up, try Planyway web app or Extension for Chrome. These apps don’t require Planyway Power-Up to be installed.

Deleting Time entries

To delete a Time entry, click the X icon to the right of its title.

Planyway time tracking delete time entry
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