Calendar view

The Calendar view helps you manage your personal and team schedules. It also makes it easy to keep track of important deadlines and milestones.

Depending on your planning horizon, you can view cards for a day, a week or a month. To choose a time period for the Calendar, open the menu in the middle of the navigation bar:

Planyway Calendar view

Use the arrow buttons («, ‹, ›, ») to move between days, weeks and months. Click Today at any time to return to the current date.

Scheduling cards

By default, only cards and subtasks with due dates are shown in the Calendar view.

To create a card on the calendar, click on the day and time where you want a new card to start. Then, stretch to define the duration.

You can also schedule your cards from Trello by setting start and end times in the Trello card editor, or by clicking “Plan on timeline.” After setting the start and end times, the card automatically appears in Planyway’s calendar view.

Planyway Calendar view set dates

You can also drag and drop cards from Trello lists to adjust their dates. To view only cards without dates, you can filter unscheduled cards. To create a card that spans multiple days, stretch it to the left or right by clicking and dragging the edges.

To reschedule multiple cards simultaneously, hold down the Ctrl key as you click each card. Then, drag the cards to their new dates.

Color-coding cards

Color-code your cards with labels to distinguish them easily in the Calendar view. For instance, you might create labels that correspond to types of card, project stages or clients. A colorful Calendar makes it easier to navigate your projects and understand who’s doing what and when.

Planyway Calendar view color lables

Mark cards as completed

To mark a card as completed, hover over the card’s name and click “Mark as complete.”

Planyway Calendar view mark as complete

Calendar options

You can customize the Calendar view by clicking the options icon in the navigation bar:

Planyway Calendar view calendar options

Viewing multiple boards

Visualize cards across multiple boards in the Calendar view by adding boards in the sidebar:

Planyway Calendar view multiple boards


In the Calendar view, all-day cards are automatically sorted by priority. Cards with higher priority levels appear at the top of the all-day list, so you can always see what to do first.

There are four priority levels to choose from:

  • High
  • Medium
  • Low
  • No priority

To change a card’s priority level, right-click the card and choose a priority level from the menu. The card’s left edge changes colors to reflect its priority.

Planyway Calendar view card priority

You can also change a card’s priority from the card editor. To do so, click the flag icon in the card editor and choose a priority level.


To view only cards that meet certain criteria, you can filter your cards by clicking the funnel icon in the upper-right corner. You can filter cards by member, label and list.

Planyway Calendar view filters

To view only cards assigned to you, select yourself from the Members section of the filter menu or press Q.

Planyway Calendar view filters shortcut


You can share your Calendar with anyone by generating a link.

Planyway Calendar view sharing

When you click the sharing icon, a window appears with a shareable link that you can send to anyone you want. You can also choose a privacy setting for the board to control who can use it:

Planyway Calendar view sharing board
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