Creating and editing cards

Creating a new card

Creating a new card works the same way in every Planyway view. To create a card, click the date and time on the Calendar or Timeline where you want a new card to start. A Trello card appears where you clicked.

Planyway Calendar create and editing cards

In the card editor, you can view and edit the following information:

  1. Card name
  2. Card role: standard card, milestone, checklist item, time record or Google Calendar event
  3. Start and end dates
  4. Completion status
  5. Recurring card settings
  6. Priority level
  7. Board and list where the card appears
  8. Color-coding label
  9. Assigned team member
  10. Card description; supports Markdown syntax
  11. Checklist items
  12. Card attachments and comments
  13. Card action menu
Tip: Removing a card from the calendar clears its due dates, but the card isn’t removed from Trello. To delete a card from Trello, choose Delete from the action menu.

Scheduling cards by dragging and dropping

Drag a card from any task list and drop it onto a date in Planyway’s Calendar view to set its start and end dates. Reschedule a card by dragging and dropping it to a new date or time.

To make a card span across multiple days, stretch it to the left or right by clicking and dragging its edges.

To reschedule multiple cards at once, hold down the Ctrl key as you click each card. Then, drag the selected cards to their new date or time.

Scheduling cards by stretching

Another fun way to schedule cards in Planyway is by stretching them. Click on the date and time on the calendar or timeline where you want a new card to start. Then, stretch to define the duration.

Scheduling by setting dates

Schedule cards from the card editor in Trello by setting start and end dates, or click “Plan on timeline.” After setting the start and end dates, the card appears in Planyway’s Calendar view.

Planyway Calendar scheduling by setting dates
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