Planyway Tasklists Explained

In Planyway, you can have your cards in lists next to the calendar or timeline. In this article, we’ll explain how to adjust the tasklist section to your preference and share some scheduling tips.

Collapse and expand the tasklist section

Depending on your needs, you can work with cards both on the full screen or together with the main view section. Click on the collapse/expand icon at the top right of the tasklist section. Adjust the width per your convenience.

Tip: Expand the calendar or timeline to hide the tasklist section.

Change the orientation of the tasklist section

You can always adopt the tasklist section to your preferences. Click the orientation icon at the top right. Then find the flip view button to change the position of your tasklists from right to left in the vertical view or from top to bottom in the horizontal view.

Planyway Tasklists Explained Tasklists Orientation

Moreover, you can set up the way you want to see your cards in the tasklist section. Simply click the list button and switch it to the kanban view.

Planyway Tasklists Explained Kanban List View

Group cards in lists by members and labels

Customise the way you want to see your cards. Planyway allows you to group cards in the tasklist section by members and labels.

Planyway Tasklists Explained Group by Members Or Labels

Additionally, you can sort cards in lists by their dates or names. Find the quick menu at the top right of a list and choose the way you want to sort your cards.

Planyway Tasklists Explained Sort Cards in Lists

Schedule cards from the tasklist section

Do you know that there is no need to open a card every time you want to add dates to it? You can do it right in the tasklist section. Simply hover over the top right corner of your card and select the calendar icon.

Planyway Tasklists Explained Schedule Cards

The same applies to checklists. Find more about checklist items in the help article Checklists.

To schedule cards or checklist items, simply drag and drop them to the timeline or calendar.

Enjoy your planning!

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