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I can’t log in to Planyway in Safari

Solution 1. Please go to Safari > Preferences > Privacy and disable “Prevent cross-site tracking”.

Note: Safari deletes 3rd-party website data by default. As Planyway runs within Trello, it’s also considered to be the 3rd party.
Planyway Troubleshooting Safari

Solution 2. If you’d like to keep this setting untouched, please consider using the Planyway web app.

I can’t log in to Planyway in MS Teams

Let's try to clear the MS Teams cache and see if it'd help. Here's how to proceed.

  1. Fully quit Microsoft Teams and ensure it’s not still running in the toolbar at the bottom right of Windows.
Planyway Troubleshooting Quit Teams
  1. Open the finder and type %appdata% , press Enter.
Planyway Troubleshooting AppData
  1. Then, open the Microsoft folder, find the Teams folder inside and clear everything in the folder.
  2. Open Teams, log in and try to open Planyway afterwards.

P.S. For the MacBook, please check the instructions here: Clear MS Teams cache.

If that doesn't help, try opening Planyway in a separate window (pop out app/pop out tab), log in to Planyway and then pop the window back into MS Teams.

Planyway Troubleshooting PopOut Teams

I can’t open Planyway in browser

The possible reason for the failed log could be the browser cache. You can clear it and try to log in again.

Please also check if you have any antivirus installed. If so, please add to the exceptions list.

If the issue's still there, go to the browser settings and verify whether all cookies are allowed.

In case these steps don't help, please get in touch with us, we'll see what the issue could be.

I’m having trouble saving timeline to PDF (Print)

Printing (saving to PDF) functionality is the one that we're looking forward to improving.

For now, the most efficient way to print the timeline would be to shift the list section to the left or right, minimize its size, but don't hide it.

Planyway Troubleshooting TaskPanel Left

Then click print.

Planyway Troubleshooting Print

In the print settings, you can enable the background graphics to get a more colorful picture:

Planyway Troubleshooting Print Settings

Kindly note that you can also take a print screen or export your Planyway data to CSV or Excel:

Is there a status page?

You can refer to the Trello's status page: In most cases, Planyway's performance depends on Trello.

How to remove Planyway?

Planyway can be installed as the Power-Up, the Chrome extension, or both.

To remove the Power-Up, you need to hit the Power-Ups button on your Trello board, find Planyway and go to Settings:

Planyway Troubleshooting Trello PowerUps

Once you're on the Planyway page in Power-Ups, hit Settings there and select Disable.

Planyway Troubleshooting Disable PowerUp

For the Chrome Extension, go to the extension's page and click Remove from Chrome:

Planyway Troubleshooting Remove Extensions

Got any questions left? Please let us know at

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