Timeline view

The Timeline view lets you visualize your project plans and team workload. Viewing your projects on a Timeline helps you to always know where things stand. That way, you can react instantly to optimize your schedule and meet all your deadlines.

Planyway Timeline views

Team Timeline

Choose the Team mode to plan and track your team’s schedule and workload. In this mode, you can easily visualize who is working on what and when.

Planyway Team timeline

To manage the members you want to see on the Timeline, open the Members menu.

Planyway Team timeline members menu

Portfolio Timeline

Choose the Portfolio mode to visualize project plans across several boards on a single Timeline.

Planyway Team timeline portfolio mode

Add boards to the Portfolio mode by clicking the next to Boards in the sidebar:

Planyway Team timeline add boards to portfolio

Project Timeline

Visualize your project schedule with the Project mode. It works like a more compact version of a Gantt chart.

Planyway Team timeline gantt chart

To group items on your Timeline by list, choose Group by “List” from the menu at the top of the Timeline view to view your plans by type of work, client, or status, depending on how you use lists.

Planyway Team timeline list lanes

And you can group cards by labels as well.

Planyway Team timeline group by label

Moving a card from one lane to another changes its assigned member, board, list or label depending on the timeline grouping options.

Scheduling cards

To create a card on the timeline, click and hold the day and time where you want a new card to start. Then, stretch to the side to define the duration.

To schedule a card that already exists in your list, just drag and drop it to the Timeline view.

In the Team mode, when you drag and drop a card to a specific member, the card will be assigned to that person. To create a card that spans several days, stretch it to the left or right by clicking and dragging the edges.

You can also schedule a card by setting start and end times in its Trello card popup. After that, the card automatically appears in Planyway’s Timeline view.

Planyway Team timeline set dates

To reschedule multiple cards simultaneously, hold down the Ctrl key as you click each card. Then, drag the cards to their new dates.

Color-coding cards

Color-code your cards with labels to distinguish them easily on the Timeline.

Planyway Team color labels

Mark cards as completed

To mark a card as completed, hover over the card’s name and click “Mark as complete”.

Planyway Team mark as complete

Viewing multiple boards

Visualize cards across multiple boards in the Timeline view by adding boards in the sidebar:

Planyway Team multiboard view

Zoom levels

You can use different zoom levels to visualize your plans by day, week, month, quarter or year.

Planyway Team view scale
Tip: When you drag and drop a card from a task list to the Timeline with the week zoom level active, for example, the card is scheduled for a whole week.


Manually reorder cards to let everyone know what to do next.


To filter your cards in the Timeline, click the funnel icon in the upper-right corner and choose a filter type: by member, label or list. To focus on cards assigned to you, select check yourself from the Members section of the filter menu or press Q.

Planyway Team filters


You can share your calendar with anyone by generating a link.

Planyway Team share button

When you click Share in the navigation bar, a window appears with a shareable link that you can send to anyone you want. You can also choose a privacy setting for the board to control who can use it:

Planyway Team share board
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