iCal integration

Subscribe to any external calendar by URL

  1. Open your Outlook, Apple, Google, or any other calendar.
  2. Copy the needed calendar URL according to these instructions (Outlook, Google, Apple).
  3. Go back to Planyway and click Integrations in the sidebar.
  4. Choose Add any calendar to Planyway by URL and paste the copied URL.
Planyway 1-way ical integration with any calendar
Tip: URL integration is a 1-way synchronization. It’s possible to import or export calendars for viewing purposes only.

Publish Planyway Calendar using URL

  1. Click Integrations in the sidebar, then Publish Planyway cards to any calendar by URL.
  2. Copy the created URL from the opened window.
  3. Switch the window to your Outlook, Apple, or any other Calendars.
  4. Paste previously copied URL according to these calendar instructions (Outlook, Google, Apple).
Planyway export ical board
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