Google Calendar integration

This article is about quick 2-way sync with Google Calendar. 2-way sync means that you can view and modify events (the changes are sent back to the source). For 1-way sync (read-only integration), please check our article about iCal integration.

Synchronization with Google Calendar lets you combine your work and personal tasks in one place and get an overview of your whole schedule, so you can focus on the right things at the right time.

Sync your Trello cards to Google Calendar via Planyway

When you synchronize a Trello board with Google Calendar via Planyway, all cards on your Trello board with due dates will be shown in your Google Calendar. Here’s how to proceed:

  1. In the sidebar to the left, find Sync with Google button above your Trello boards
Planyway Google Calendar Integration Sync With Google Button
  1. Click to select which boards you’d like to sync to your Google Calendar
Planyway Google Calendar Integration Select Boards to Sync
  1. Turn on the toggle for one board at a time
  2. When prompted, sign in to your Google account
  3. Choose the sync options you prefer:
  • Sync all cards from a board or only those assigned to you
  • Set how the event color for the synced cards will be shown in your Google Calendar, the same as assigned Trello labels or by default
  • Sync completed cards or leave them out of your Google Calendar
  • Show events as busy or free
Planyway Google Calendar Integration Sync Options
  1. Then, click Sync
  2. A new calendar with your board’s name will be created in your Google Calendar
Planyway Google Calendar Integration New Calendar
  1. To add another board to your Google Calendar, repeat the above actions.

Display your Google agenda in Planyway

Perhaps you’d like to see your Google Calendar in Planyway for easier scheduling? After establishing the connection with your Google Calendar, you’ll be able to see, edit and create new Google events in Planyway.

To connect a Google Calendar to Planyway, open a collection and find the option +Add calendar. In the opened window, click Connect Google calendar.

Planyway Google Calendar Integration Connect Google Calendar

You’ll be asked to sign in to a Google account and allow Planyway to access the corresponding calendars.

Once the authorization is passed, the list of Google Calendars with the permission to modify will appear for you to choose from. You can pick which of them you want to see in Planyway by selecting the corresponding checkboxes.

Planyway Google Calendar Integration Connect Ucheck Calendars
Tip: You can connect multiple Google accounts to any of your collections.

If you wish to add a read-only Google Calendar, please check our help article on iCal integration.

Spot which calendar a card belongs to

To quickly spot which calendar a card belongs to, you can enable the Board/Calendar toggle in the View settings. A board/calendar name will be added to the cards' covers on the calendar and timeline.

Planyway Google Calendar Integration Board Field

When you need to clearly differentiate the agendas, group the timeline by board. Each calendar and board will be shown in its own lane.

Planyway Google Calendar Integration Group By Board
Tip: Click on a date in any lane to add a card/event to the corresponding board/calendar.

Create Google Calendar events from Planyway

To add a new event to your Google Calendar from Planyway:

  1. Click anywhere on the timeline or calendar
  2. In the top left corner, select the calendar to add a new event to
  3. Specify time and availability, add reminders and invitees

Disable Google Calendar integration

If you’d like to stop seeing Trello cards from a particular board in Google Calendar, hit Sync with Google button in the sidebar and turn off the corresponding toggles.

Planyway Google Calendar Integration Stop Sync

To remove your Google agenda from your Planyway collection, click to the right of the connected Google account in the sidebar and select Remove from collection.

Planyway Google Calendar Integration Disconnect Google Calendar


How quick is the sync?

It usually takes less than a minute for updates to show. Delays might happen, but they aren’t often. Please get in touch with us at if you’re having issues with the sync.

Do I need to sync each board one by one, or can I sync all at once?

You need to sync each board individually, as it becomes an independent calendar under your main Google Calendar. And the synchronization parameters can be different for each board.

Can other members see the calendars I connect?

Your personal calendars won’t be visible to anyone else. For mutual collections, shared calendars will be visible to other members of the collection once they join.

Can I see checklists and time tracking entries in my synced Google Calendar?

Checklists and time entries don’t get into your Google Calendar when you establish 2-way sync. However, you can export your checklists via iCal integration.

Why my cards are now duplicated?

If you see your cards twice in Planyway, that means that some cards are being imported from the connected Google Calendar. Uncheck the duplicated boards under the connected calendar.

Can I sync Trello cards to more than one Google Calendars?

You can sync your Trello cards via Planyway to only one Google calendar. However, you can export your board to other Google Calendars by iCal. Also, you could modify permissions for the synced boards in your Google Calendar and allow the others to see and modify your Trello cards from their Google Calendars.

Can I connect multiple Google accounts to Planyway?

Yes, you can add as many Google accounts to Planyway as you’d like.

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