iCal integration

This article tells you how to add any calendar to Planyway using the iCal link for 1-way sync and how to export your Planyway board with scheduled Trello cards to an external calendar. Kindly note that it suggests the view-only integration.

Export Planyway Calendar using iCal URL

  1. Open a collection containing a board you’d like to share.
  2. Select the option Export by URL to copy the iCal URL of the board.
  3. Go to your external calendar.
  4. Subscribe to the Planyway calendar using the copied URL according to the calendar instructions. You can find Outlook, Google, and Apple instructions for your reference.
Planyway iCal Integration Export Calendar

Connect any external calendar to Planyway by URL

  1. Open your external calendar. It can be Outlook, Apple, Google or any other.
  2. Copy the calendar URL according to these instructions (Outlook, Google, Apple). Kindly note that for Outlook, you need to copy the ICS link, and for the Google Calendar - the secret iCal.
  3. Inside a collection in Planyway, find the button +Add calendar.
  4. Select the option +Add calendar by URL and paste the copied link.
Planyway iCal Integration Import Calendar

To change the color of an imported calendar, open the calendar’s menu in the sidebar and press Edit calendar.

Planyway iCal Integration Color Calendar

Connected calendars will be shown inside a collection you added them to.

Tip: To always know which calendar a card is from, click the View button at the top right to turn on the Board/Calendar toggle. You can also group cards and events on the timeline by Board to quickly spot which calendar a card belongs to. Please check the related paragraph in our article about Google Calendar integration.

Disable iCal integration

The option to remove a connected calendar from a collection can be found in the calendar’s menu in the sidebar.

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