Planyway in Microsoft Teams

Add Planyway to Microsoft Teams and collaborate with your team in the context of your project.

Chat with teammates about upcoming tasks while looking at the timeline, see who they’re assigned to, when they’re due, and update statuses to move things forward faster - all in one place.

How to add the Planyway app to Microsoft Teams

There are multiple ways how you can add Planyway to MS teams. Besides opening Planyway as a Power-up in Trello for MS Teams, you can add our official app for Teams.

Here’s how to add the Planyway app to your Microsoft Teams:

  1. Open Microsoft Teams
  2. Click on the Apps tab in your Teams left navigation bar
  3. Search for Planyway
  4. Click Add
  5. Log in with your Trello credentials
  6. Voilà, now you’ve got Planyway in Microsoft Teams

How to embed Planyway boards into Microsoft Teams channels

When you need to have access to one particular board in the context of a channel, you can add the Planyway app as a tab to your channel:

  1. Navigate to the list of tabs at the top of a channel and click the + sign
Microsoft Teams click plus
  1. Search for Planyway
Microsoft Teams search for Planyway
  1. Sign in with your Trello credentials
Microsoft Teams log in
  1. Select a board to open or create a new one to work in Planyway
Microsoft Teams select board
  1. The selected board will open in the Planyway tab in Microsoft Teams
Microsoft Teams timeline view Planyway

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