Outlook calendar integration

Would you like to see your Outlook agenda in Planyway? Oh, wait, not only to see but to modify it too? Then this article is for you! Keep reading to learn how to add your Outlook calendar to Planyway.

How to display and modify your Outlook agenda in Planyway

In the sidebar to the left, find the Calendars section. Click + Connect your calendar and then choose to connect your Outlook calendar.

Outlook calendar connect

The Outlook calendars will appear in Planyway with the permission to modify events. If you wish to add read-only Outlook calendars, please check our help article on the iCal integration.

The list of the connected calendars will appear in the Planyway calendar section. You can choose which of them you want to see by selecting the corresponding checkboxes. Events from your Outlook calendar will be displayed in Planyway with a special icon :

Outlook calendar events
Tip: Integrated Outlook calendars will be displayed on all your Planyway boards. If you don’t want to see events from all or some of them, simply uncheck those calendars

How to add Outlook calendar event from Planyway

To add a new event to your Outlook calendar from Planyway, click anywhere on the timeline or calendar and set it to be an “Outlook event” in the opened card editor at the top left. Click the drop-down box below to specify the calendar where you want to add this event.

Outlook calendar create events
Tip: All updates in Planyway will be reflected in the Outlook calendar and vice versa.

How to disable Outlook calendar integration

If you’d like to stop seeing your Outlook agenda in Planyway, click to the right of the connected calendar in the sidebar and select Disconnect:

Outlook calendar disconnect

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