Planyway in Microsoft Teams

Here’s how you can set up Planyway in Microsoft Teams.

You can either open Planyway as a Power-Up in Trello for Microsoft Teams or you can embed the Planyway website to a new tab.

To embed Planyway to your Microsoft Teams:

  1. Navigate to the list of tabs at the top of a channel, chat or personal app and click on the + sign.
Microsoft Teams click plus
  1. Find the Website button and click on it.
Microsoft Teams add website
  1. Add a name for the new tab and add Planyway URL
Microsoft Teams add planyway url
  1. Authorize with the Trello token. To get your token, click on the link Get your Trello token here.
Microsoft Teams authorize with token
  1. A new page will open in your default browser, scroll down and click Allow.
Microsoft Teams allow authorize
  1. After you complete the authorization, the page will refresh and you should see a generated token, copy it.

  2. Come back to Microsoft Teams and paste the token in the Planyway tab.

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