Getting started with Planyway mobile

Planyway’s mobile apps for iOS and Android will help you to stay on track with your agenda wherever you go. There are 5 steps below to help you get started

Step 1. Sign in

Planyway mobile apps run on the Trello basis. So, the first time you open Planyway, you will be requested to log in with Trello.

Getting Started With Planyway Mobile Sign In

Since Planyway is a calendar for Trello, it’s advisable that you already have a Trello account and at least one Trello board. If that’s not the case, please go to to get started there.

Step 2. Connect calendars and boards

After you log in with Trello, Planyway will ask to access your calendars. If allowed, Planyway will sync calendars from your default mobile calendar app.

Getting Started With Planyway Mobile Allow Calendars

You’ll see events from, for example, your Google calendar, together with your Trello agenda. Moreover, the integration will let you add new calendar events and modify the existing ones. Find more information on connecting mobile calendars to Planyway in this help article: Calendar integrations on mobile.

Next, Planyway will propose you to select the boards you’d like to connect. You’ll be able to change the selection later as well. Additionally, it’s possible to apply the filter to show only the cards assigned to you from a particular board.

Step 3. Explore tabs

The Planyway app has 4 tabs that offer different experience you can get from using the app:

  • My tasks

If you work in a team, it may become difficult to spot the tasks assigned to you among all others. Here’s where the My tasks tab comes into play.

It gathers all scheduled cards from all the Trello boards that you’re a member of. You don’t need to manually select board by board, Planyway will scan all boards for you automatically.

Getting Started With Planyway Mobile My Tasks Tab
Note: Events from integrated calendars won’t show in the My tasks tab.

You can visualize your tasks on a daily, 3-day, weekly or monthly scale. Tap in the middle to open the drop-down menu and choose the view.

Getting Started With Planyway Mobile Scale the Calendar
  • Calendar

The Calendar can be scaled just as the My tasks tab. Feel free to set the calendar as a daily, 3-day, weekly or monthly agenda.

Here, you see all planned tasks from the boards and calendars you selected. To change the selection:

  1. Click the icon to open the sidebar.
  2. Hit the button to add boards. You can filter them to see only the cards assigned to you.
  3. Connect the mobile calendars if relevant.

The additional menu next to a board/calendar in the sidebar will help to remove the board/calendar from the selection or filter the displayed cards from a particular board.

Getting Started With Planyway Mobile Sidebar Menu
  • Timeline

The timeline is there to help you visualize tasks across your team. Select the boards you’d like to connect in the sidebar and get a grasp on everyone’s progress.

Getting Started With Planyway Mobile Timeline
Note: Events from integrated calendars won’t show on the timeline.
  • Boards

In the Boards tab you can manage cards across lists just like you would in Trello. You can add new lists, rename and archive them if needed.

But the best part is that you can drag and drop cards right onto the calendar! More on that in the next step.

Step 4. Schedule tasks

In the My tasks and Calendar tabs, you can add new cards by tapping and holding your finger on the screen.

Tip: This method is applicable to the daily, 3-day and weekly scale.

In any tab, you can add a new card by clicking the + icon. This one is hard to miss.

Getting Started With Planyway Mobile Add Card Button

The boards tab allows you to schedule cards by dragging and dropping them to the Calendar or My tasks tabs.

Step 5. Stay notified

If you have a paid Planyway subscription, you can enable mobile notifications. Planyway will send you reminders about upcoming tasks, let you know right away when someone tagged you in a card’s comments or assigned a task to you.

To allow notifications:

  1. Find the icon in the top right corner to get to the notifications' hub.
  2. Spot the icon to get to the settings.
  3. Adjust the settings to your preferences.

Plus, there’s a lovely widget that will show all the approaching tasks and events for days ahead.

Getting Started With Planyway Mobile Widget

Got any questions left? Let us know in the app by contacting support or email us at

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