Displaying workload in Planyway for Jira

Make workload management easier by visualizing a team’s capacity on the Planyway timeline.

Define work hours

To define the daily capacity of team members, open Planyway settings and choose the number of working hours per day.

Displaying workload in Planyway for Jira Workload Settings

Work hours settings apply to all projects and to the whole team, and can’t be defined per individual member or project.

Add estimations to issues

To be able to calculate a team’s workload, it’s important to estimate how much time tasks could take.

Displaying workload in Planyway for Jira Estimation

The total estimation will be equally divided by the number of days a task lasts. To learn more about estimation, take a look at Jira’s documentation about configuring estimation and tracking.

Note: Planyway can only show the original time estimate on issues. Story points and custom estimation field aren't visualized on Planyway cards.

Visualize workload on the timeline

To see daily workload per team member, group issues by user on the timeline.

Displaying workload in Planyway Group the Timeline

Then, click Fields and select the Workload and the Estimation toggles to see how much time an issue was estimated to complete.

Displaying workload in Planyway Visialize Workload

The workload is visible on a daily scale only. If you zoom out till weeks, months or quarters, the workload will disappear from the view.

Note: Weekends aren’t taken into account when estimation and daily capacity are calculated.
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Whether you’re already using time tracking in Jira or just want to get started, Planyway is there to make it easier for you.

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