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The life of a family is full of crazy routines, daily housework, and incredible memories all in one. Rather than keeping all plans in your head, organize family planning with Planyway’s shared family calendar and keep track of everything that goes on beyond your nine to five together with the ones you love.

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Family calendar
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Map out your family schedule

Map out your family schedule

Plan a weekly schedule for the whole family in a single weekly family calendar and see everything that needs to be done. Add tasks, errands, or chores to each day and share responsibilities with your family members. Try for free
Track payments

Track payments

Keep track of your payments from the Internet and utilities to credit card bills. Set a task to repeat on a monthly basis so you never forget about it. You can even attach receipts to have them all organized in one place. Try for free
Organize family events

Organize family events

Whether you’re throwing a kid’s birthday party or organizing an anniversary dinner, you have to manage lots of stuff. Plan out everything from inviting guests to choosing a venue in your family planning calendar so you make sure you’ll pretty much have everything you need to host the event that everyone will keep in their memories. Try for free
Plan things together

Plan things together

Connect your family members’ personal boards and other calendars like Google, Outlook, etc. to set up family activities and appointments easily. Now you know without asking when your spouse is late at work because of an important meetup or your child has an extracurricular class. Try for free
Love it. Highly recommended to anyone who wants to visualise what they need to do ahead of time.
Warren F.Backend Developer
I don't know how I got anything done before Planyway. Oh, that's right, I didn't! It has totally changed and greatly improved how I organize my day, week, month, and quarters and makes staying on task so much easier!
Amanda B.Director of Meal Planning
Planyway is really useful and easy to use. Such features make your life much easier in planning and eventually mastering your time.
Andrea C.Consultant
Get going with goals

Get going with goals

Dream big! Set up exciting goals and lay out action steps to achieve them. When you have your goals clearly defined and visible each day, it keeps you motivated and focused on reaching them. Try for free
Simplify grocery shopping

Simplify grocery shopping

Always put together a grocery list in your head or on a piece of paper and forget to bring it with you? Instead of wandering the aisles aimlessly, use the family calendar in your phone as your personal shopping organizer or simply share it with your partner if it’s his turn to do the shopping. Try for free
Make good habits stick

Make good habits stick

Develop good habits and break the bad ones. Plan out how you’re going to make it happen and take it step by step each day. Set your action tasks on repeat for the frequency you want to do the habit. This will make it pop up again and again in your calendar and won’t let you throw it off the track. Try for free
Plan unforgettable holidays

Plan unforgettable holidays

Replace timeless combination of paper + pencil when planning your next family holiday. Gather all to-do’s from mapping the route and booking apartments up to the bullet list of things to take on board. Try for free
Never miss anything important

Never miss anything important

See big events and tasks that are coming up in advance. If your best friend’s birthday is this month, you’ll have enough time to get him a gift. Try for free

Manage daily routine on the go

Manage everyday life and keep the whole family in the loop with the free family calendar app.

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