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Split projects into smaller steps

Split projects into smaller steps

Break projects into small manageable pieces, decide what to do first, and get the details of how far along you’ve come and exactly what needs to be done next. Try for free
Deliver results on time

Deliver results on time

Achieving goals and hitting deadlines is hardly possible without a clear picture of your work streams. Lay out the whole process in the timeline view, assign team members, set milestones and get conscious control of task statuses at every level. Try for free
Balance workload

Balance workload

Find out who is available to take on a new project and who is overloaded at first sight. Track how each team member is managing their current workload and make sure everything goes the right way. Try for free
Being able to easily schedule our important tasks and subtasks is a huge part of keeping the business running and so far, Planyway has been the only app that has let us plan to the minute. While other apps let you pick a day, Planyway lets you pick the hour, and also easily pick the amount of time you block for each task.
Emily W.Creative Director
Planyway is easy to use and integrates well with an existing Trello board. I like the flexibility, you can easily adjust timelines on the Gantt chart and even add in new tasks. It makes tracking project milestones easy as you are able to see the approaching.
Pamela N.Program Manager
I manage multiple clients' social media accounts and Planyway has made planning each social media calendar so easy! I love being able to look at the calendar view and drag and drop ideas from my Trello boards to schedule different posts.
Jordanna B.Marketing Contractor
Keep budget under control

Keep budget under control

The tricky part comes when getting insights into each project’s profitability. To help you make more accurate estimates, make use of our time tracking feature to see how much time your team spends on a given task or project. Try for free
Share progress with customers

Share progress with customers

Bring your clients into the system for stronger alignment, greater visibility, and better collaboration. Clients can easily see the status of their projects, provide feedback and approve results. Try for free
Simplify communication

Simplify communication

Get a single collaborative workplace for all files, messages, notes and comments. Build time-effective communication within teams whether they’re sitting in the same room or spread across continents. Try for free

Manage your projects on the go with Planyway mobile apps

Stay synchronized with your team calendar across all devices. Add and assign tasks quickly no matter where you are.

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