Want to be reminded 1 day, 1 hour, or even 1 minute before an event?

Add reminders

You can add reminders to cards and milestones to be notified of an event before its start.

Planyway Add Reminders

To add a reminder:

  1. Open a card or a milestone.
  2. Navigate to Reminders section.
  3. Click on Add reminder to add one or several reminders.
  4. Allow browser notifications from Planyway.
  5. Set a reminder minutes, hours, days or weeks before a card’s start.

Watch cards

Planyway Reminders Watch Card

A person who sets a reminder, and all assigned card members* will be notified by default. Other than that, you can get reminders for any card.

*Those users who haven’t enabled notifications will be proposed to enable them.

Become a watcher by clicking on the icon, or stop being one by clicking this icon once again.

Disable reminders

To stop receiving any notifications from a browser, go to Settings and click Disable notifications.

Planyway Remove Reminders

You won’t receive notifications from this particular browser from now on. If you change your mind, you can always go to Settings to turn notifications back on.

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