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Workload Planner

Allocate issues to your teammates and optimize team workload with resource planning for Jira

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Workload Planner

Powerful features to manage work easily

Schedule work with Drag&Drop

Quickly schedule and assign tasks by dragging them and dropping on the calendar or timeline Try it now

Work across projects

Connect multiple projects to a single view to manage them all together Try it now

Track releases and milestones

Visualize releases and milestones to keep everyone focused on the same goals and aware of all key dates and deadlines Try it now

Built to empower teams from 1 to 1,000+

Digital Marketing

Map out how you market your brand or product in digital space with the Jira roadmap. Build a high-level plan for website optimization, content marketing, SEO, and social media initiatives to reach your business goals faster.

Content Marketing

Produce and publish high-quality content that audiences love. Enhance Jira scheduling with ease, make a plan of all the blog posts, articles, or video publications and distribute work between your teammates to have everything released on time with Jira team calendar plugin.

Event Management

Visualize your event plan on the timeline to make sure that all details are taken into account. Share the plan with your team to provide them with a clear guideline and prevent miscommunication through calendars that work.

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