Resource Planning and Portfolio Management for Jira

Effectively manage your projects and hit all deadlines to deliver work on time

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Trusted by over 35,000 teams

Trusted by 35,000+ teams:

Track releases and milestones
with Jira Timeline View

Visualize releases and milestones to keep everyone focused on the same goals and aware of all key dates and deadlines Try for free

Manage and visualise projects clearly
using Jira Roadmap

Centralize issues from multiple Jira projects in one organized visual place so you never miss anything important Try for free

Schedule issues in projects
with Drag and Drop

Quickly schedule and assign issues by dragging them and dropping on the calendar or timeline Try for free
«I juggle multiple large projects that are extremely time-sensitive on my own and this has brought so much ease to see the big picture and prioritizing tasks and meetings to keep the team on track»
Krystal A.Content Marketing Specialist
Planyway has been a game changer for me in terms of productivity. It has kept me from those last minute scrambles when a deadline would sneak up on me.
Lauren W.Instructional Designer
This tool has enabled my team and I to work more collaboratively and to finally get rid of annoying excel spreadsheets. Planyway is what we needed and we found it! The customer success team is always willing to help us and enable us to take advantage of every Planyway’s features!
Lorenzo V.Global Partnerships and Sponsorships Manager
I like the ability to incorporate very simple Gantt charts in my Planyway view. This is nice because it enables me to see, on a large scale, all of the tasks that need to be completed along a timeline.
Kyle B.Research Assistant, Clemson University
Love the product! Interdepartmental vision on projects as they move through our production queues has increased efficiency and awareness as to how the company is doing at any given moment in time.
Dale C.Creative Director, Equisolve

Simplify your workflow management with all-in-product for Jira planning

Define your primary goals, prioritize and track project progress-all in one toolTry for free