Plan projects in Trello. Visually

Easy-to-use Trello team calendar for better resource planning, project management and time tracking


Transparent views over your teams and projects

Resource Planning

See what your team members are working on and when to manage workload and make sure they’re not overwhelmed

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Resource Planning

Make Trello as powerful as never before

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Plan tasks with Drag&Drop

Simply drag cards from a Trello board to the calendar or timeline to schedule dates Try it now
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Work across boards

Add multiple Trello boards to a single view to manage work across teams and projects Try it now
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Visualize check items

Split tasks into smaller steps, assign to team members and set dates to visualize along with Trello cards Try it now
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Set up recurring tasks

Create tasks that repeat regularly and make them visible in your calendar as often as you need Try it now
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Show dependencies

Make your action plan more informative by linking tasks on the timeline with dependencies Try it now
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Sync with external calendars

Connect Google Calendar, Outlook or other calendars to see and edit external events in Planyway and back Try it now

Built to empower teams from 1 to 1,000+

Product Management

Bring your software products to market much faster with Planyway. Build product roadmaps and visualize it from different perspectives, simplify sprint planning, and launch new updates with no effort.

Software Development Agency

When you’re working with multiple clients, building a portfolio view is crucial. With Planyway you can connect all required boards to a single view and manage them from a single timeline. It will help you centralize all efforts and distribute resources wiser.

IT Consulting

Help your customers to plan and easily adapt to changes of their company information system. Make your consultant management projects visual and clear so that it’s super easy for you to track business progress with the timeline planner.

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