Team calendar and timeline inside Trello

Visually manage schedule, workload and due dates to deliver work on time

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Manage workloadTrack due datesSchedule workPlan projects schedules

Manage workload

Plan who's working on what and when to deliver work on time

Track due dates

Track upcoming due dates and to work on the right things at the right time

Schedule work

Manage tasks and events in a calendar view to control your day, week, month

Plan projects schedules

Create and track project plans to hit your deadlines

Manage plans, team workload and deadlines across boards

Visualize and communicate your project roadmap, share schedules with your team and have
an overview of who's doing what and when.

Drag & Drop cards

Drag and drop cards

Drag and drop Trello cards on the calendar to get started

Multiple boards

Multiple boards

Display all the boards in one place to coordinate workload

Sync with Google Calendar

Sync with Google Calendar

See your scheduled tasks inside your Google Calendar and vice versa.

Member lanes

Member lanes

Plan who’s working on what and when to deliver work on time



Highlight key dates and deadlines to track whether your work is on schedule.

Custom fields

Custom fields

Give cards additional context like deadline, planned and actual dates etc.

Product videos help you quickly learn how to use custom tips and more


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