Calendar for Trello

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Calendar for Trello

Organize your time

Create or Drag-and-drop

Create new card by clicking an empty time or drag-and-drop any Trello card.

Multiboard View

Just click “Boards” to choose which of them you want to show on your calendar.

All-day and multi-day tasks

Set all-day cards by dragging to the top of the day. To make it multi-day drag border right or left.

Create or Drag-and-drop Multiboard View All-day and multi-day tasks

Filter your tasks

Choose “Enable Trello Filters” and your cards are filtered the same in both Trello.

Monthly View

Monthly view gives you retrospective of your work for several weeks.

Vertical View

Vertical perspective helps you to see all the hours in a day more easily.

Filter your tasks Monthly View Vertical View

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This is definitely a must add integration with Trello. Planyway integrates with Trello so nicely, that it feels like a native feature of Trello. The advantage of Planyway over the Trello calendar is that you can view your calendar and tasks at the same time and drag things into the calendar

Clifford Fajardo
Google Web Store

Perfect! Love at first sight. What a brilliant extension – and so well designed I would think it was made by Trello if I didn't know better. Hugely impressed. Perfectly integrated, no-brainer extension that makes Trello 10 times more efficient!

Hussein Horack
Google Web Store

Excellent. A game changer. Puts everything into a time perspective. You can see card and date but when you see in a calendar it becomes a task.

Andres E. Gonzalez Añez
Google Web Store

It took Trello to a whole new level!

Willian Martinelli
Google Web Store

Finally! This levels-up the whole Trello experience.

Elroy Rendor
Google Web Store

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