Visual Customer Support

Balance the endless flow of support tickets, help requests,
and feedback all with a single tool. Build customer service that keeps your users happier than ever!

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Visual Customer Support
Trusted by 35,000+ teams:
Build a support workflow

Build a support workflow

Map out all requests on a single timeline and get a big picture of your ticket queue. Visualize your team capacity, update and assign tasks with minimal effort, track real-time progress and make sure nothing slips past the radar. Try for free
Keep priorities clear

Keep priorities clear

Make sure your team is working on the most impactful issues for your users. Speed up responses and resolution time by prioritizing requests properly. Try for free
Monitor ticket status

Monitor ticket status

Ensure tickets keep moving along the queue by making status visible and up-to-date. Check how many tickets are open, pending and closed and track which area of your product needs the most attention. Try for free
I liked that I can easily visualize what my team is doing, adding tags and dealing with a big number of tasks.
L. BenitezUX Designer
My whole team uses Planyway to be a part of the most relevant tasks they need to accomplish. The most powerful tool for us is how easy we can organize tasks by relevance (priorities on top always) and by colours (each colour is a different person who is responsible).
L. RegoSales Manager in Ecommerce
It's helped us not to forget what we need to be working on each day so less balls can be dropped.
C. CharleneDirector
Turn visual data into reports

Turn visual data into reports

Transform your visual workflow into a detailed report, so you can keep track of all customer service metrics, find the overall team performance and report this data to your leadership. Try for free
Track tickets with ease

Track tickets with ease

Identify tickets easily by showing their ID right on the card. Search for tickets you need and refer to them in chats, so everyone knows what you are talking about. Try for free
Never miss timely deadlines

Never miss timely deadlines

Make sure all time sensitive requests are resolved on time by setting up notifications. Try for free
Keep on the same wave

Keep on the same wave

Keep all communication in one place and avoid excessive emails. Expand on issue details, share information, ask for help, and collaborate. Try for free

Stay connected on-the-go

Have a pulse on user requests and increase response time. Take your office with you and work anytime and anywhere.

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Build customer service that keeps your users happier than ever

Balance support tickets, help requests, and feedback all with a single toolTrello iconContinue with Trello