Agile software development

Coordinate the product direction from sprint to sprint to follow your long-term vision and get a better overview of your team workload.

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Agile software development

Manage all development process in one place

Organize all your work by backlogs, sprints, types or progress stage. Prioritize which tasks your team will work on first, assign team members and attach all the needed data.
Agile software development manage development process

Break down your
development process

Use checklists to break up work into smaller parts or to help divide it among multiple team members.

Track releases and iterations

Use milestones to track releases, sprints, key dates and deadlines to align all the team in the same direction.
Agile software development track releases and iterations

Visualize your team workload on a single timeline

Visualize your team workload on a single Timeline so everyone has clarity on what they need to build and can track progress as they go.
Agile software development visualize your team workload

Track task statuses

When you’re working on a big amount of pieces, it’s hard to know the status of every single part. Track task parts status so you can see where everything stands.

Communicate with context

Help your team move faster and let them know if they’re on the right track or not by leaving feedback and approvals in the same workspace.
Amazing Tool! We use this tool to organize our team across multiple boards and schedule remote technicians. Easy to read on the PC.
Brad M.CTO
A must for managing teams on Trello. I use it to manage each team member's work (cards), as well as to manage tasks (cards) in each Project (lists). Swimlane views for all Trello cards, customizable by Lists or Team Members. Incredibly useful.
Manzur R.Director Marketing & Innovation
It is a good tool to keep an eye on what's being done by everyone for the next weeks. It’s easy to use and makes it easy to planify tasks for all the team.
Salma D.Project manager

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