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Love Trello but can’t figure out how to gain more insights into how much time your team really spends on tasks? Then, it’s the right moment for Planyway - a Trello time tracking tool. Record efforts, set estimates, view reports so that you can plan workloads and calculate payrolls accurately.

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Time tracking
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Log time in a timesheet

Log time in a timesheet

Capture hours spent on Trello tasks and report them in your timesheet. It will help you plan the next activities more effectively and evaluate efforts right. Try for free
Track time spent on each task

Track time spent on each task

Get a record of all worked hours straight in a Trello card and have a deeper look at how time was spent. Each time entry keeps the information about the start and end time, duration, as well as a team member who worked on it. Try for free
Run a timer

Run a timer

Easily switch the Trello timer on and off to track work. All records are card-related and show up in timesheets automatically. Try for free
Ease of use. By far the easiest plugin I have used. Lots of features and the google calendar integration is amazing. Love it. Highly recommended to anyone who wants to visualize what they need to do ahead of time.
Warren F.Backend Developer
Planyway enabled us a better view of all our Trello cards in a calendar format. The capability to move the cards from different lists to a specific date or period gave us a better understanding of the schedule for each team. Having Planyway enabled us to speed up the way we handle and monitor almost all of our business processes.
Joel F.COO
I like how Planyway works with Trello. It allows me to organize everything easily. I use it to see how is my team's schedule and how many hours they've worked. It is useful for my reports too, since I can organize my jobs by labels.
Marcia K.Production Director
Estimate efforts

Estimate efforts

Make an estimation of how long tasks will take before you go. This estimation is stored inside a card and can be displayed on the outside as well. Try for free
Compare estimated vs actual time

Compare estimated vs actual time

Check the number of hours tracked against estimation. Highlight when you are exceeding estimated efforts, so you'll instantly know when something goes wrong. Try for free
Monitor team workload

Monitor team workload

See every piece of work planned on Trello in a member progress bar and measure your team’s productivity by monitoring their activity. Try for free
Export data

Export data

Get insights into projects and team productivity to keep work under control. Analyze data and turn work into dazzling Trello reports. Then share them with executives. Try for free

Why track time with Planyway

1. Get powerful insightsTrack efforts you make for different pieces of work, check where time goes, and use this data to improve productivity of your team.
2. Keep profitability under controlSee how long projects really take, so you can charge clients accordingly not affecting your profits.
3. Show efforts to clientsSend reports to clients and let them know what exactly was done and how long it took.
4. Know what your team works onGet a clear picture of who worked on what and when at a glance.

Manage tasks on the go

See where things stand at any time no matter where you are with the free Planyway team task management app.

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Manage time wisely

Organize projects, track time, and report your work with Planyway time tracker for TrelloTrello iconContinue with Trello