Sales management

Boost your sales performance and build strong client relationships with one central place to track everything from first touch to winning the deal

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Sales Management
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Visualize your sales pipeline

Visualize your sales pipeline

Structure your sales workflow and see how the deal is progressing at every stage of the sales cycle. Set up a checklist for each deal to nurture your leads and make sure nothing is slipping through the cracks. Try for free
Keep track of your sales activities

Keep track of your sales activities

Stay on top of your busy schedule by getting all your meetings, calls and follow-ups out of your head onto your personal calendar. Try for free
Follow up leads on time

Follow up leads on time

Never lose sight of your prospects and send follow-up emails on time. Try for free
Being able to easily schedule our important tasks and subtasks is a huge part of keeping the business running and so far, Planyway has been the only app that has let us plan to the minute.
E. WhittakerCreative Director
It's been really useful. I really like being able to integrate my task lists with a calendar view. Definitely recommend it.
K. LeavittLicensed Massage Therapist
Super easy to integrate, easy to visualize the tasks for the day and plan an effective schedule.
P. AnandCEO
Manage your sales team

Manage your sales team

Track your team’s sales activities and always know what your entire team is spending their time on and whether they take the right actions to win the deal. Try for free
Schedule meetings with prospects

Schedule meetings with prospects

Schedule your appointments with customers faster. Sync Planyway with Google calendar, share your availability by sending Google calendar link and see booked time right on Planyway. Try for free
Access all data you need

Access all data you need

Get one place to store all of your customer contact information, emails, documents and valuable insights. Try for free

Stay tuned wherever you are

Book sales meetings and see your schedule on the go. Access tasks, sales activities, and lead notes any time you need with Planyway mobile app.

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Boost your sales performance with Planyway

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