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Bring copywriters, designers, and editors together to create engaging content that converts with Trello editorial calendar

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Editorial Calendar
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Schedule content plan

Create a steady stream of content pieces and visualize it on a single calendar to make sure you get the job done on time

Coordinate work across boards

Manage tasks across all your projects in one Trello content calendar and get the full picture of how work is progressing at a glance

Break down publication process

Visualize all content stages from writing text and designing images to final approval and publishing with subtasks to see a detailed plan of action

Allocate tasks to teammates

Easily coordinate content work between your team members and keep track of how work is moving on from stage to stage

Collaborate with ease

Streamline the creative process by improving
communication between you, your team, freelancers
and external stakeholders
Keep communication and content together

Keep communication and content together

Store every piece of content you’re producing in one place, so you won’t have to dig through emails, spreadsheets, or docs and share your feedback right in comments
Align content with clients

Align content with clients

Create full transparency for your clients by sharing content strategy. So, your client is assured that things are going in the right direction
Get updated on changes

Get updated on changes

Make sure your team has clarity on the latest changes by sending notifications

Visualize editorial calendar your way

Choose the view that best aligns with your goals and Trello
workflow, and organize your schedule in the right format
Monthly CalendarTeam TimelineLabel Timeline
Monthly Calendar icon

Monthly Calendar

Best place to keep track of deadlines to hit them on time
Monthly Calendar
Team Timeline icon

Team Timeline

A straightforward overview of what your team is working on
Team Timeline
Label Timeline icon

Label Timeline

Perfect to manage your Trello workflow by marketing channels
Label Timeline

Get full control of content production

Make sure work is done in the right order, within budget
and results are delivered on time
Manage priorities

Manage priorities

Ensure that the most important and time-sensitive pieces of work will be done first
Track content status

Track content status

Track statuses of content pieces from the first draft to publishing, so you can see where everything stands any time you need
Coordinate your budget

Coordinate your budget

Manage your internal costs by knowing exactly how much time you spend on tasks. Analyze task performance reports and bill your clients accordingly

Plan your Trello editorial calendar on the go

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Make editorial planning easier with Planyway

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