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How to use Planyway team calendar for agile weekly planning

Use Agile best practices to improve your team productivity and reach goals faster. Plan weekly sprints easily in Planyway team calendar for Trello.
January 16, 2020 · 3 min read

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Applying a pure Agile and Scrum methodology can be quite confusing for some teams. But you can still apply scrum-like practices and plan weekly sprints easily. This approach lets you focus on weekly goals and workload instead of daily planning.

Follow these few steps to plan your team schedule for a week:

  1. Set up a weekly scale in member lanes view by clicking “scale out” minus-circle image button.
  2. Drag and drop Trello cards with the highest priority to your team members to the needed week.
  3. To understand is it enough for the week you can indicate estimated time in brackets in the task name.
  4. Calculate the weekly workload for each person according to the time estimation.
  5. In case of overload simply drag and drop tasks to the next week.

Weekly planning allows your team to self-manage their days, so you can move faster and concentrate on your big goals.

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To change scale click “scale in” minus-circle image and “scale out” minus-circle image buttons in the middle of the Planyway team calendar navigation bar until you get the scale you need.

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