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What’s new in Planyway

Aug 02, 2021

Warm welcome to our brand new time tracking view

We’ve been hard at work trying to make time tracking even more powerful and super happy to finally introduce our big time tracking update to you!

Now, you can get an accurate look at your time records in both calendar and list views. What’s more, you can see not only your own time entries but also check what your teammates actually spend their time on.

Jul 26, 2021

Say hello to Notification Center 🔔

The moment you’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived: we’re releasing the notification center! From now on, you can get real-time updates when you’re assigned to a task or mentioned in the card comment with in-app and push notifications in your browser.

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Jul 08, 2021

Meet checklists on your mobile app 🌞

Dreaming about visualizing checklist items on your calendar and timeline not only on the desktop but in the mobile app too? Well, your dreams came true! Don’t lose time, go mobile, and see how quick and easy it is to schedule checklist items right from your phone!

Jun 29, 2021

Add notes to your time records

Missing the chance to leave descriptions to your time records? The wait is over. Time entry notes are finally here!

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Apr 14, 2021

Spark collaboration with @mentions ✨

Save time spent on sending back and forth messages and collaborate right in Planyway. Mention team members in the task comments, so they get instant notifications and always know what to do.

Comments mentions

Apr 05, 2021

Tick-Tock ⏰ ... The timer is on!

Big update for all time-tracking lovers! Forget the fuss of recording time manually. Easily switch the timer on and off to track time spent on tasks automatically.

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Mar 31, 2021

Are you ready for this? Introducing Outlook Connect!

Have to use Outlook to schedule work meetings but tired of constantly switching between the apps? Time to forget this fuss and connect Planyway with Outlook to see and edit Outlook events right in your Planyway calendar.

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Outlook connect

Mar 29, 2021

Ta-da! 🎉 Planyway app is now available in MS Teams

Wanna hear some good news? We’ve finally released the Planyway app for MS Teams! Now, you can have Planyway at hand in the navigation bar or as a tab in any channel to collaborate in the context of your project.

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MS Teams integration app

Mar 24, 2021

The wait is over! Sync Planyway mobile app with any of your calendars

You can now sync Planyway with any of your calendars in the mobile app to see and edit events right on the Planyway calendar. It’ll make it super easy to get your full availability and plans together in a single place on the go.

Calendar sync on mobile

Mar 03, 2021

The brand new Google Chrome extension

Love our Google Chrome extension? Then, we’ve got the greatest update for you! Very soon you’ll be able to use the Planyway extension on any website to quickly add and manage tasks and events.

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Feb 24, 2021

Ready to wow? The estimation field is live!

Supercharge your team's productivity by letting them know how much time you want them to spend on tasks. Compare planned vs actual time and keep your work process under control.

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Feb 17, 2021

Scroll your timeline in a new way

Press the middle mouse button and move right or left to navigate on your timeline. Or, simply use the scroll bar at the bottom.

Feb 16, 2021

Thumbs up to create cards the new way 👍👍👍

Faster than fast, quicker than quick! Create multiple-day cards right away by stretching to the side for as long as you need.

Jan 28, 2021

Make meeting scheduling a breeze

Struggling when trying to set up another meeting? Buzzzz! This news is gonna be a game-changer for you. Now you can send meeting invitations right from Planyway! Just set up an event in the Planyway calendar and invite anyone you want to join no matter if it’s a Trello user or not. Your invitees will get an invitation by email and a scheduled event in their calendar.

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Meeting invitations

Jan 19, 2021

Track all tasks assigned to you on the fly

Stay on top of your busy schedule by getting all tasks assigned to you across boards on a single list in your mobile app.

My tasks view on mobile

Dec 16, 2020

Build mighty reports with CSV export

We promised? We did it! 😎 Export your data to CSV and make reports, create graphs, pivot tables, and share all of it with your team, external members, or top management.

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Export data to CSV

Nov 25, 2020

Drum roll 🥁🥁🥁… Dependencies come into play!

Link cards to easily jump between dependent tasks and make sure everyone has full visibility of everything relevant to their work. This is just the beginning, so stay tuned for new dependency updates :)

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Nov 03, 2020

Set reminders and never miss a thing!

Whether it’s an important report or a meeting with your customer, just set a reminder and move on with your day. When it’s time, Planyway will send you a push notification so you never miss out on tasks that matter.

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Oct 27, 2020

Group tasks by label on the timeline

Build a clear roadmap for each type of work you are doing.

Label lanes in timeline

Oct 20, 2020

Advanced Checklists: a new way to get work done!

Everyone loves task lists, right? No doubt it’s a fantastic way to organize work and God bless this motivating feeling when you complete tasks once they’re done… But we went much further and are happy to announce the Advanced Checklists!

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May 12, 2020

Connect your Google Calendar to Planyway

Add your Google Calendar to Planyway to get an overview of your whole schedule. See and update Google Calendar events right in Planyway.

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Google connect

Mar 31, 2020

Assign team members and dates to checklist items

Assign team members and due dates to checklist items to make it clear who’s doing what and when it needs to be done. Checklist items with due dates will be shown as particular cards on a calendar, so you can manage your team’s workload.

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Assignements and dates in checklist items

Mar 03, 2020

Add detailed descriptions to Planyway cards

Add links, details, and important information to Planyway cards, and format them using simple Markdown syntax.

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Detailed description in cards

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