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Planyway Calendar helps you make online teaching and learning easier

Course planning

Manage your course schedule and share it with students to keep them aligned.

Add links and media files

Attach online webinar links, lectures, presentations, videos, and other materials.

Collaborate with students

Leave comments, answer questions, share assignments, and give your feedback.

Visualize all your courses in one place

Plan and update schedules for all your courses on one calendar and manage your workload at a glance. Communicate with your students to make sure that everyone is on the same page.
Visualize all your courses in one place
For students

For students

Get an overview of all courses on one schedule. Track assignments and tests, collaborate with your teacher, get access to all materials to stay up to date.

Sync class schedule with personal calendar

Whether you are a student or an educator,
you can sync your work and personal schedule on one calendar not to miss anything.
Sync class schedule with personal calendar

Access your schedule on the go

Stay connected and have access to your schedule with Planyway mobile app for iOS even if you are away from the desk.
Planyway mobile
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It has absolutely changed and strengthened the way that my team and I organize our curriculum and make sure that we are on track in the way that we intend to be.
Brooklyn New School

Andrew C.

Teacher, Brooklyn New School

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