Meeting invitations

Schedule meetings and send invitations to all participants right from Planyway. All you need to do is just to connect your Google calendar, create an event in Planyway and invite anyone you want to join, no matter if it’s a Trello user or not. Your invitees will get email invitations straight away and you’ll see if they accept them or not.

Curious? Then, let’s learn how to make it work.

Create an Event

  1. Make sure your Google calendar is connected to Planyway.
Google calendar
  1. Click the date and time on the calendar or timeline where you want a new meeting to start.
  2. Change the card type to Event in the popped-up card editor.
Card editor
  1. Add invitees using their emails, no matter if they are Trello or non-Trello users.
Add invites
  1. Click Save.

The invitees will receive email notifications from your Google calendar. Then, you will see if they accepted the invitation right in Planyway:

Accepted invitations
Icon yesYes
Icon maybeMaybe
Icon noNo

Your response, as of the event organizer, will automatically be set as Yes, going. However, you can change your status at any moment.

Each time you change the event, Planyway will ask you if it should notify the invitees. You can modify the event from your Google calendar as well.

Notify invites
Tip: Use the shortcut M to add or remove invitees without opening an event.

Delete an Event

To cancel the event for you and for the invitees, hover over it in Planyway and press Shift+Del or right-click on the event and choose Delete. You can also delete events from your Google calendar directly.

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