2-way Google Calendar integration

Synchronization with Google Calendar lets you combine your work and personal tasks in one place and get an overview of your whole schedule, so you can focus on the right things at the right time.

How it works

When you synchronize a Trello board with Google Calendar, all the cards on your Trello board with due dates will be added to your Google Calendar and vice versa.

  1. Click the Sync with Google toggle in the sidebar.
Planyway sync with google button
  1. When prompted, sign into your Google account.
  2. Choose the sync options you prefer:
    • Sync all cards or assigned to you only
    • Set event color the same as Trello label
    • Sync completed cards
    • Show events as busy or free
Tip: You’ll be able to check these settings in the tooltip anytime with the mouse cursor hovering over the Sync option.

Then, click Sync.

Planyway google sync options
  1. A new calendar with your board’s name will be created in your Google Calendar.
Planyway google calendar
Tip: Each board has its own sync settings. To add another board to your Google Calendar, turn it on and repeat the above actions.
  1. This integration also lets you add your Google Calendars to Planyway. The list of your Google Calendars will appear in the Planyway calendar sidebar. You can choose which of them you want to see in Planyway by clicking the checkboxes near their titles.
    Events from Google Calendar will be displayed in Planyway with a special sign “G”:
Planyway google connect
Tip: Integrated Google Calendars will be displayed on all your boards. If you don’t want to see them simply uncheck these Calendars.

How to add a task to Google Calendar from Planyway

  • To add a new event to Google Calendar, choose the “Google event” in the new card editor. Click the drop-down box and set in what Google Calendar you want to add this event.
Planyway google connect
  • To add a new card to Google Calendar in board lanes view simply click any place in the needed calendar lane.
Tip: All the updates in Planyway will be reflected in Google Calendar and vice versa.

How to disconnect Google calendar and Planyway

  • If you don’t want to see the tasks from Google Calendar in Planyway any more, click “+” near your Google account on the sidebar, then choose the needed option.
Planyway google connect
  • If you don’t want to see the Planyway tasks in your Google Calendar, just turn off the synchronization by clicking the Sync with Google toggle in the sidebar.
Planyway google connect
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