Team calendar and timeline for Trello

Visually manage team schedule, workload and due dates to deliver work on time





  1. Team workload
  2. Due dates
  3. Events and tasks
  4. Project portfolio
Team workloadPlan who's working on what and when to deliver work on time
Due datesTrack upcoming due dates and work on the right things at the right time
Events and tasksManage Trello tasks and events in a calendar view to control your day, week, month
Project portfolioCreate and track project plans to hit your deadlines
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Sign in with your Trello account and visualize your cards on the calendar and timeline in any browser.
Work with Planyway and Trello on one screen with the ability to drag, and drop cards right to the calendar.
Try one of the most popular Trello Power-Up for project planning and team workload management. Enabled on more than 100,000 boards.
Visualize project plans and team workload with Planyway for Jira.
Try Planyway mobile app to plan your schedule on the go.
WebBrowser ExtensionPowerUpJiraiOS App

Manage plans, team workload and deadlines across boards

Visualize and communicate your project roadmap, coordinate your team schedule and have
an overview of who's doing what and when.

Drag & Drop cards

Drag and drop Trello cards

Drag and drop cards on the calendar to get started

Multiple boards

Multiple boards

Display several Trello boards on one team calendar to coordinate workload

Sync with Google Calendar

Sync with Google Calendar

See your Trello cards inside your Google Calendar and vice versa.

Member lanes

Member lanes

Plan who’s working on what and when to deliver work on time



Highlight key dates and deadlines to track whether your team's work is on schedule.

Custom fields

Trello Custom fields

Give cards additional context like deadline, planned and actual dates etc.

I juggle multiple large projects that are extremely time-sensitive on my own and this has brought so much ease to see the big picture and prioritizing tasks and meetings to keep the team on track.
Nika L.Manager, Markering and Outsearch, School of Visual Arts
I like the ability to incorporate very simple Gantt charts in my Planyway view. This is nice because it enables me to see, on a large scale, all of the tasks that need to be completed along a timeline.
Kyle B.Research Assistant, Clemson University
Love the product! Interdepartmental vision on projects as they move through our production queues has increased efficiency and awareness as to how the company is doing at any given moment in time.
Dale C.Creative Director, Equisolve

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