Couple Calendar

Feel overwhelmed with how much effort it takes to organize the day-to-day routine with your partner? Set up the Planyway shared couple calendar online and follow our tips to see how little you need to get everything that you were missing.

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Couple Calendar
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Plan out things to do together

Plan out things to do together

Stay informed about your partner's plans. Check availability in the shared calendar and see what’s coming up for each other in the next few days. Adjust your schedules effectively to find the best time matches for joint activities and reduce arguments as you don't mix up plans anymore. Try for free
Share responsibilities

Share responsibilities

Our routine is full of things you need to do at home. If not recorded properly, these can be easy to forget. Organize all your to-dos on a single board and share the responsibilities with your partner. Try for free
Organize holidays

Organize holidays

A holiday is a precious time you can spend together. The more organized it is before you go, the more careless time you spend then. Map out your destinations, buy tickets, book apartments, and pin geolocation of attractions you want to visit in advance and enjoy the most fabulous days ever with the one you love. Try for free
Love it. Highly recommended to anyone who wants to visualise what they need to do ahead of time.
Warren F.Backend Developer
I don't know how I got anything done before Planyway. Oh, that's right, I didn't! It has totally changed and greatly improved how I organize my day, week, month, and quarters and makes staying on task so much easier!
Amanda B.Director of Meal Planning
Planyway is really useful and easy to use. Such features make your life much easier in planning and eventually mastering your time.
Andrea C.Consultant
Reach out at the right time

Reach out at the right time

It’s a common problem when you get a phone call during an important meeting from your spouse. And there is no one to blame, as it’s rather hard to predict the time when it’s ok to reach out to you. Connect your partner’s work calendar from Google Calendar, Outlook, etc., and check when you can contact with no interruptions. Try for free
Stick to your routine

Stick to your routine

Tired of reminding your partner of the upcoming wedding anniversary, your mum’s birthday party, or that it’s time to pay the bills? Simply set recurring events in your custom couple calendar and add reminders, so no one ever forgets about things that are important. Try for free
Throw parties

Throw parties

Whether you’re organizing a surprise party for your best friend or planning a cozy dinner for your family, make sure you have all planned and ready for an event to remember. Try for free
Set up goals together

Set up goals together

Dream together and make them come true. Identify the things you want to achieve in the future, figure out the steps to take, and work towards your goals in one team. Try for free

Do more things together

Organize the life of a couple in one shared calendar with the Planyway app

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