Calendar and Team Timeline for Trello

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Planyway: Trello Calendar and Team Timeline

Calendar View for visual card scheduling

  • Drag-and-drop any Trello card or create them right inside the calendar
  • Use multiboard view to choose the boards you want to display on your calendar
  • Sync Trello with third party calendars
  • Use the same shortcuts and filters as in Trello
  • Use vertical perspective to see all the hours in a day
Trello Calendar View for time management

Team Timeline view to manage your team effectively

  • Visually distribute tasks among your team
  • Track who’s doing what and when
  • Use multiboard view to follow your team bandwidth across all the boards
  • Track completed tasks and optimize your plans
Team Timeline view for effective manage your team

Publish your Trello schedule to external Сalendar apps and use Google Calendar 2-way Sync

  • As you update your dates and time in Trello, your external calendar will refresh to show your most recent updates
  • All changes you make in Google Calendar or Trello reflect instantly in the other
Trello and Google Calendar Integration

What’s coming soon?

If you have a thing that you want Planyway to implement, we will add it to our feature list. To see what features we are currently working on, vote on features and suggest new ideas visit our Public Roadmap.

Open public roadmap
Trello Calendar Roadmap

Quick installation

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Install Chrome Extension

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Find Planyway Button

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Planyway Power-Up for Trello

100,000+ users use Planyway

Diego Porcel - Planyway Calendar user
Diego Porcel

Excelente, me permite trabajar mucho mas ordenado y tener una vision real de la carga diaria

Simon McBryde

Been looking for something like this since the excellent Sunrise Calendar integration bit the dust. Very impressed so far

Jean-Luc Winkler

Totally love the integration to Trello via Chrome Extension!!!

Thomas De Toledo

Works like a charm. A must for Trello (either using the Power-Up or the Chrome Extension)

ingrid nkenlifack

Editing my review since the opt of 2-way sync functionality. Now able to export Planyway to Google Calendar, set reminders for those events, and plan out my day stress-free!!

Iohann Wise

Super!!! Calendar and Gannt in one bottle! Respect to the developers for a great job!

Peter Berkeley

Works great and integrates nicely with Trello

Clifford Fajardo

This is definitely a must add integration with Trello. Planyway integrates with Trello so nicely, that it feels like a native feature of Trello. The advantage of Planyway over the Trello calendar is that you can view your calendar & tasks at the same time & drag things into the calendar

Cristian -CuackDj- Leiva

Wow, just the next step that Trello needs!

Tia Wood

It's perfect. Thank you! Simple, well developed. Love it

Andres Gonzalez

Excellent. A game changer. Puts everything into a time perspective. You can see card and date but when you see in a calendar it becomes a task

Tino Decker

The final calendar tool for Trello! It would be really great to have card members in the calendar too, so we could see who is responsible for the calendar item

Frank Arnold

Great extension, brings Trello to a new level

Hussein Horack

Perfect! Love at first sight, really! What a brilliant extension - and so well designed I'd think it was made by Trello if I didn't know better. Hugely impressed. Perfectly integrated, no-brainer extension that makes Trello 10x more efficient!

Willian Martinelli

It took Trello to a whole new level!

Dan Ludgater

This was the missing piece of my Trello productivity setup. Love it

Elizabeth Cvetic

Great tool! Turns Trello into a real planner, especially if you using the Getting Things Done method

Li-Shann Tomchik

Wow, you guys made my Trello board look way too awesome, this extension is the bees knees!!! So glad I found it

Shubham Rajdhar

The best extension for Trello! I had given up on Trello because of the time consuming setup of managing the due dates. This makes it so easy!

Bill Sager

Works perfectly, Evernote, Trello and an all inclusive calendar in one perfectly integrated system. Does everything I need to plan my projects, track my activities and record meetings

David Conte

Very useful thanks!!

Nicola Wong

Very productive and free to use!!!

Darien Sokolov

This extension helps me track all of my goals and due dates on Trello by compiling everything into an easy-to-view calendar

Ben Toone

Only just started using it... but its added a whole new layer of functionality which means I can change my board into a team calendar. Great addition

Pon Lertsakdadet

Really enhance Trello capabilities to another level. And it's free. Would love to see gantt chart where task dependencies can be managed

Timothy Cottrell

Simple easy to use and integrates with my main calendar. Good enhancement. Go on donate if you think its useful

Iohann Wise

Super!!! Calendar and Gannt in one bottle! Respect to the developers for a great job!

Pavel Tenora

Very useful!

Raynal Reyes

Awesome integration, definitely changes the way I use Trello which brought me back to using Trello

Karponter Tarino

Useful, ergonomic, clean and intuitive. Just like Trello itself. Great job!

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