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Meet task estimation, mobile calendars sync, and MS Teams app!

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Calendar iconMar 31, 2021
Meet task estimation,
 mobile calendars sync,
 and MS Teams app!

With the cold of winter melting away and spring bringing a new beginning, our team came up with new promising features and updates to add some spring to your step.

MS Teams app

We’ve released the Planyway app for MS Teams! It means that now you can have Planyway at hand in the navigation bar or as a tab in any channel to collaborate in the context of your project.

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MS Teams integration app

Task estimation

Supercharge your team's productivity by letting them know how much time you want them to spend on tasks. Compare planned vs actual time and keep your work process under control.

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Mobile calendar sync

You can now sync Planyway with any of your calendars in the mobile app to see and edit events right on the Planyway calendar. It’ll make it super easy to get your full availability and plans together in a single place on the go.

Calendar sync on mobile

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