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Dependencies, Reminders, and more!

ViolettaCustomer success
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Calendar iconDec 17, 2020
 Reminders, and more!

If you missed it, here are 4 big things we added to Planyway this December.


Link cards to easily jump between dependent tasks and make sure everyone has full visibility of everything relevant to their work.

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Whether it’s an important report or a meeting with your customer, just set a reminder. When it’s time, Planyway will send you a push notification, so you never miss out on tasks that matter.

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Grouping tasks by labels

Bring more structure to your timeline with grouping it by labels. Now you can more easily visualize the types of tasks coming down the line.

Group tasks by label on timeline

CSV export

Export your data to CSV and make reports, create graphs, pivot tables, and share all of it with your team, external members, or top management.

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Export CSV report

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