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Connect Google Calendar, visualize checklist items, and more!

ViolettaCustomer success
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Calendar iconMay 15, 2020
Connect Google
Calendar, visualize
checklist items,
and more!

Don’t lose a second and dive into the list of our new features and improvements.

Google Calendar integration

Add your Google Calendar to Planyway to get an overview of your whole schedule. See and update Google Calendar events right in Planyway.

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Google calendar integration

Checklist item visualization

Assign team members and due dates to checklist items to make it clear who’s doing what and when it needs to be done. Checklist items with due dates will be shown as cards on a calendar and timeline, so you can manage your team’s detailed workload.

Checklist item visualization

Card description

Add links, details, and important information to the Planyway cards, and format them using simple Markdown syntax.

Card description

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