Visualize your project plan

Plan out issues on the timeline and keep moving towards your goals

Features visualize your project plan
<b>Schedule</b> issues visually

Schedule issues visually

See tasks across multiple boards on a single view and get a clear picture of what is happening across all your projects Try for free
<b>Adjust</b> your planning&nbsp;horizon

Adjust your planning horizon

Easily switch between daily, weekly, monthly, or annual scales and choose the one that works better for you Try for free
Add <b>milestones</b> and&nbsp;<b>releases</b>

Add milestones and releases

See planned releases along with Jira issues on the timeline and map out key dates so no one misses what’s really important Try for free

Manage your team

Assign issues, optimize workload, and always know how your team is doing

Features manage your team
Allocate <b>resources</b>

Allocate resources

Assign cards to team members to see who’s doing what and when at any moment Try for free
Balance <b>workload</b>

Balance workload

Optimize workload based on the daily capacity and make sure no one is over or underloaded Try for free
See full <b>availability</b>

See full availability

Connect multiple Jira projects to view the full picture of you team’s tasks Try for free

Keep track of progress

Have a clear understanding of how the project is going at a glance

Features keep track of progress
Build a&nbsp;<b>project portfolio</b>

Build a project portfolio

Centralize all projects in a single view to get a bird’s-eye view and coordinate multiple projects easier Try for free
Check <b>statuses</b>

Check statuses

Control how task statuses change to make sure everything will be done on time Try for free
Track only <b>what&nbsp;you&nbsp;need</b>

Track only what you need

Filter data by members, issue types, statuses, and labels to see only what you need Try for free

Track time efforts

Get the power to track, plan and manage time efforts to gain valuable insights

Features track time efforts
<b>Record</b> time efforts

Record time efforts

Log time you spend on tasks in the list view. Apply the filter to see only time records created by you, all the team, or specific members Try for free
Track time in the&nbsp;<b>calendar view</b>

Track time in the calendar view

Keep a record of your time entries in the calendar view. Set the timer on to count time automatically or add hours in the manual mode Try for free
<b>Compare</b> actual time vs. estimation

Compare actual time vs. estimation

View how much time is already spent out of the estimated hours Try for free
<b>Export</b> data

Export data

Export data and turn it into dazzling reports. Get powerful insights into projects and keep team productivity under control Try for free
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