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The Ultimate List of Trello Power-Ups for Remote Work

Communicate with your team, share files, collaborate, and stay productive — even when working remotely. Check best Trello power-ups for remote work
May 15, 2020 · 7 min read

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Some of us prefer to work from the office, while others choose to work remotely. You might choose to work from home because of a personal or work situation, or world events might force you to work from home. Whatever the reason, you still have to work: complete and assign tasks, communicate with your colleagues and clients, and so on.

You may be used to doing these activities in person and, perhaps, in a more active way. To ease the transition, employees working remotely often feel the need to organize their routine efficiently and turn their home (and virtual) office into a comfortable workplace.

To accomplish this, you can use a range of tools that help to recreate office conditions instead of melting into your pajamas. With this in mind, we’ve come up with a big list of useful Trello Power-Ups. Each of them serves its own purpose, making sure you’re just as efficient working remotely as you are working from the office — and maybe even more.

Productivity Power-Ups

Planyway for planning team and personal work

Whether you work from the office or from home, you need to organize your project schedule. On top of that, it can be difficult to concentrate on your work when working remotely. Planyway, a team calendar Power-Up, can help you with that. Not only can it visualize your boards, but it also helps you avoid scheduling overlapping tasks and makes it easier to stick to your deadlines.

Planyway is useful when managing workloads for both small and large teams across multiple projects. It shows who is working on what and when each task should be completed. That gets rid of the need to distract your colleagues and ask about due dates, interrupting your workflow and theirs. What’s more, Planyway can also visualize several boards on one calendar, giving you a higher-level view of all your plans and deadlines.

Planyway power-up

It may be hard to balance your work with your home life, but with Planyway, you can also organize your personal schedule. For instance, you can add your Google Calendar to it. This way, Planyway will display both your work and personal planners, so you can keep track of everything and not forget about important goings-on — whether it’s an online meeting or picking up your children from school.

Calendar for visualizing boards

It’s easy to lose track of your tasks if you work from home, since all the days blur into one. The official Trello Calendar Power-Up can help you with that. It visualizes your board as a calendar, giving you a better overview of your project schedule. That way, you can easily manage all your cards with due dates and plan out your project for the week or month ahead. To change a card’s due date, just drag and drop it to another place on the calendar.

With Calendar, you can also export your board to applications that support the iCal format, like Google Calendar or iCloud. That way, you can display a project schedule alongside your personal matters, which makes it easier to keep track of all your plans. You might also share a calendar with others so they know when you’ll be available.

Planyway calendar power-up

Zapier to connect with other services

When we work, we use all kinds of applications, ranging from planners and messengers to spreadsheet software and email clients. Unfortunately, workflows that require us to use many different applications can be repetitive and time-consuming. As a result, it’s easy to get distracted from the task at hand. This can be a major issue when working remotely, since you may find it hard to focus.

The Zapier Power-Up is designed to help you deal with these kinds of challenges. It lets you automate these processes, saving you lots of time. For example, you can tell Zapier to create new Trello cards using data from your emails or from a spreadsheet in Google Sheets. Zapier doesn’t stop there — it supports a wide array of services, so you can create a setup that suits all your needs. That means less time clicking and more time for important things!

Planyway zapier power-up

Daily Updates for quick reports

Teams that work remotely may find it inconvenient to hold morning meetings where team members share updates on their work and discuss issues. Setting up video calls may turn out to be troublesome if team members live in different timezones. Emailing reports is an alternative, but reading all those emails can leave managers with little time for anything else. However, there is a quicker and more efficient way to do this, using the Daily Updates Power-Up.

Planyway daily update power-up


This Power-Up asks each team member for three pieces of information at the beginning of the day: what they did yesterday, what they’re doing today, and what issues they have. All the answers are then shown in Trello, so everyone can check on how their colleagues are doing. You can also download the answers as a spreadsheet, should you need to gather data for a report.

Due Next for filtering cards

Maybe your board is overloaded with tasks, and you aren’t sure what should be next on your to-do list. Or, perhaps your stakeholders want to know when to expect updates on a project. What can you do to sort this out? Try the Due Next Power-Up! With this Power-Up enabled, you can get an overview of upcoming and overdue tasks to see when deadlines will strike. Simply filter cards and export your board as a CSV or PDF file. With your tasks sorted, it will be easier to prioritize them.

TimeCamp and Activity for time tracking

When working remotely, it may be difficult to maintain self-discipline, so tasks can take longer than is strictly necessary. Here’s where Power-Ups like TimeCamp and Activity can shine. They track the time spent on tasks, so you can analyze your and your team’s productivity.

To use these Power-Ups, start the timer when you begin a task, and stop it when you finish or decide to take a break. This data can help you discover problems and adjust your workflow to make it more efficient. Moreover, with TimeCamp, you can generate reports for each card based on this data. Meanwhile, Activity supports multiple stopwatches per card, giving you a picture of how much time each team member has contributed to a given task.

Planyway time camp power-up

Private Notes for keeping your ideas secure

If you share a Trello board with other users, like your team or clients, you might have some thoughts you would rather keep to yourself. For instance, you might keep personal notes about your current task or an entire project. You can use external applications, but it’s more convenient to have all the relevant information in one place, right? To make sure your notes stay private, you can use the Private Notes Power-Up.

Planyway private notes power-up


This Power-Up allows you to add secure notes to a Trello card — no one but you will have access to them. HR managers can use it to write down their thoughts on junior employees and how they’re performing, while tech support can store notes on bugs and requests. This approach also keeps boards free of clutter, since other users will see only information relevant to them.

Communication Power-Ups

Slack for keeping in touch with your team

Perhaps the most useful feature of this Power-Up is that you can send Trello cards to Slack, either to a channel or as direct messages. This makes it easy for managers to discuss particular tasks with their teams. The conversation in Slack is preserved as comments on the Trello card, so you can easily refer to it from Trello if needed.

Planyway slack power-up

Another feature of this Power-Up lets you link a Trello board to a Slack channel. This way, the board will be connected to a relevant conversation, so anyone joining the team can easily catch up. The channel you choose will be used for other Power-Up features, too.

The Slack Power-Up allows you to set reminders for Trello tasks so you won’t forget about them. You can create reminders for yourself, your colleagues, or even a whole channel! When the right time comes, the Power-Up will send you a direct message with a card link in Slack.

Video meeting tools

Communication may be difficult when your team is spread across the country or even the globe. Of course, you can discuss ongoing matters in work chats or call your colleagues. Sometimes, however, the whole team needs to participate in the conversation right away.

To help you in situations like these, we’ve picked the BlueJeans Meetings and Whereby Power-Ups, both of which allow you to start a video conference with a single click right from the Trello board. There’s no need to install additional software or spend time setting up a meeting in advance!

These Power-Ups let you instantly get to discussing your project with your team members. You can plan, assign tasks, and get feedback in real time with just one click. Moreover, you won’t need to jump between windows. Your tasks and the other speakers will all be on one screen. You can even share your screen, if you need to go beyond Trello.

Planyway blue-jeans powe-up


Voting for choosing the best options together

We’ve all been there: you’ve come up with a couple of great ideas, but which one do you choose? You can email all your team members, leave a message in a work chat, create a Google Form, or start a video call to find out what others think. Unfortunately, these approaches take time and won’t be convenient for everybody. Instead, you could simply ask them to vote on a Trello card. One click is all it takes.

With Trello’s Voting Power-Up, you can empower others to choose the best ideas and prioritize tasks. What’s more, voting is not limited to users who belong to a certain board or team. You can allow public Trello users to vote, too. That way, you can get feedback from your community — for instance, when using a public roadmap.

Planyway voting power-up

Collaboration Power-Ups

Board Export for preparing reports

Your clients or stakeholders may want to have a look at how your project is going. Naturally, you can send them an email every week or hold online meetings. However, it would be much faster to generate weekly reports using the Board Export Power-Up. All you have to do is choose which lists you wish to share and export them in a suitable format, depending on how much detail you need to give. For instance, a spreadsheet will do for a full report, while images can be used for presentations.

Planyway board export power-up


Miro for effective collaboration

When working in the office, you often have meetings where your whole team takes part in brainstorming sessions. Everyone has something to offer, so you write it all down on a whiteboard or sticky notes.

Remote teams can continue using this familiar system with the Miro Power-Up. It offers you a digital whiteboard that your team can use to discuss tasks and contribute their ideas. Graphics, notes, flowcharts, you name it — it can all be placed on a Miro board. This way, you can not only keep all relevant suggestions in one place, but you can also preserve the feel of a live meeting.

Planyway miro power-up


File sharing tools

Google Drive

The Google Drive Power-Up allows you to attach files from your cloud storage to a Trello card, preview them, and comment on them without leaving Trello. You can also add folders to a task to display all of their contents in a card. This lets all of your team members quickly access the documents they need, and it saves work chats from being cluttered with links. If you do need a file link after all, you can copy one from the Trello card, too.

Planyway google drive power-up

Another handy feature of this Power-Up is the ability to create all sorts of Google documents right from a card. New files will be automatically linked to the card from which they were created.


Much like the Google Drive Power-Up, the Dropbox Power-Up lets you attach all the files related to a particular Trello card. Whether you have graphics, documentation, presentations, or even a whole folder, just link the files you need from your Dropbox. Additionally, you and your team can preview these files from Trello, so you don’t need any special software to open them. That way, you’ll always have all the necessary files at hand, while your team can easily access them as needed. Say goodbye to lost email attachments!

Planyway dropbox power-up



Try using these Power-Ups together to maintain a high level of productivity when working from home. This way, you’ll be able to stay in touch with your team and monitor their workload while keeping track of both your work and your personal plans.

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