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4 ways to sync Trello with Google Calendar

Integrate Trello with Google Calendar to see all your tasks, events and deadlines together in a single place so you never miss what's important.
August 08, 2020 · 7 min read

If only you could track your Trello tasks and Google Calendar events together, your life would be so much easier, right? There’s a way out! With Trello-Google Calendar integration, you can stay focused on your projects and remember about important events at the same time.

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Using a lot of tools for planning can be quite messy. Especially if you have to keep an eye on different calendars to see one whole schedule with work and personal tasks. Syncing your Trello boards with Google Calendar would come in really handy in this case. This way, you’ll be able to avoid scheduling conflicts, block off time for important projects, or keep track of your Trello assignments in Google Calendar. And that’s just only a few benefits you’ll get.

We’ll tell you about 4 most popular ways to set up Trello-Google Calendar integration:

  • Calendar (by Trello)
  • Planyway Calendar and Timeline for Trello
  • Cronofy
  • Zapier

Each method has its own set of features that would be suitable for specific needs. Some of them, in addition to the calendar integration feature, can even raise your project management to a new level. Here is a short overview of the features for you to compare.

Calendar Power-Up (by Trello)

The Calendar Power-Up is a minimalistic tool that can be used to visualize your board as a calendar. It also allows one-way iCal integration with Google Calendar. Though it has quite limited functionality, Calendar Power-Up could be the best fit for you if all you’re looking for is a simple calendar.

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You can switch between Week and Month view modes to get an overview of the scheduled cards. This way, you can see all the upcoming activities and their due dates. Drag and drop feature allows you to set and change due dates. This Power-Up also lets you export a board’s calendar to third party calendars via iCal link. This format is supported by most calendar tools, including Google Calendar, and is used to share calendar data.

The main drawback of this integration is the one-way syncing (from Trello to Google Calendar), so the calendars aren’t synced back and forth.

Another thing to keep in mind is that changes made in Trello won't instantly update to Google Calendar when the iCal feed is used. Sometimes it can happen twice or even once a day. You may decide that it’s not a good fit for you and look for alternatives.
What about Planyway?


Planyway Team Calendar is a powerful Trello plugin that lets you synchronize your Trello boards with Google Calendar in both directions. That means that all cards with due dates from your Trello board would migrate to your Google Calendar and your Google agenda would become visible in Planyway.

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Any changes you make in Trello or Planyway will be reflected in the connected Google Calendar and vice versa. New events you create in the Google Calendar would appear in your Planyway calendar and Trello board. Learn more.

Also, Planyway supports iCal integration. It lets you import any external calendars to Planyway as well as export Planyway calendar using the iCal format.

However, the integration feature is not the only advantage of Planyway. Planyway allows you to display multiple boards on one calendar to coordinate your due dates across boards. There are also Timeline views to manage team schedules, project plans, and project portfolios.

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Plus, Planyway allows you to set how frequently a card should repeat in your Calendar.

Planyway Getting Stated Archive Complete Tasks

Planyway can be used either as a Trello Power-Up or as a browser extension. As you probably know, Trello allows adding only one Power-Up to a board for free. With the Planyway extension, you can make room for one extra Power-Up.


Unlike Planyway or Trello Calendar, which work as a calendar overlay, Cronofy exports your project to an existing сalendar. Here you can’t see your cards in a calendar view within the Trello board.

Cronofy lets you change card’s due date and description right in the Google Calendar. Still, to create a new event, you have to switch back to Trello.

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Automation platforms like Zapier help you set up customizable integration between Trello and Google Calendar.

Zapier may seem a bit tricky at first, and you may need some time to figure it out.

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Do note, that Zapier doesn’t support two-way synchronization and doesn’t sync changes you make with existing cards. For every such change, you should create a special workflow.

While all of these calendar tools can be useful, only your current needs can help to make the right choice. Trello’s Calendar Power-Up offers a basic set of features and may be suitable in case you don’t have that many boards and would be happy with a 1-way Google synchronization. Cronofy may be useful if you mostly manage your work from the Google Calendar and don’t need to have the calendar overlay in Trello. Zapier helps you create customizable integration. Meanwhile, it seems a bit challenging. And if you’d like to have a full two-way synchronization with Google Calendar and a calendar view within Trello, you could look at simple but more powerful tools with a wide range of features like Planyway.

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