Top 10 Must-Have Jira Plugins to Elevate Your Project Management

April 15, 2024 · 7 min read

Jira, developed by Atlassian, serves as a cornerstone for many organizations in issue tracking, agile project management, and software development. While Jira’s core functionalities cater to a broad spectrum of project management needs, its capabilities can be significantly extended with the integration of plugins for Jira. 

These Atlassian Marketplace add-ons are designed to tailor and enhance the Jira platform, offering specialized solutions that range from time management and workflow automation to detailed reporting and resource allocation. Below, we delve into the top 10 must-have Jira apps that promise to transform your project management approach, ushering in unparalleled efficiency and productivity.

1. Planyway for Jira


Planyway stands as a versatile project and team calendar for Jira, extending beyond traditional project management by offering detailed planning and scheduling features. This plugin integrates seamlessly with Jira, enabling the visualization of tasks, deadlines, and team availability on a unified calendar and timeline

Planyway is instrumental in resource planning, ensuring project milestones are met and facilitating effective team collaboration across multiple projects. Plus, the Jira app provides time tracking and reporting capabilities

2. Jira Misc Custom Fields (JMCF)

Jira Misc Custom Fields

This Atlassian Marketplace app transforms your Jira instance by allowing the creation and manipulation of calculated fields to dynamically display information based on other issue fields. This Jira plugin shines in scenarios requiring complex data synthesis, such as calculating the time difference between issue creation and resolution or aggregating values from linked issues for comprehensive budget tracking.

3. eazyBI Reports and Charts

eazyBI Reports and ChartsThis Atlassian plugin stands out as a robust analytical and reporting add-on for Jira, offering extensive capabilities to mine, analyze, and visualize your project data. With eazyBI, teams can craft detailed reports, construct interactive dashboards, and perform deep data analysis, enabling a granular understanding of project metrics, team performance, and progress towards objectives.

4. Tempo Timesheets

 Tempo TimesheetsThis Jira extension is a cornerstone for time tracking and management within Jira, facilitating precise logging of work hours, detailed report generation, and insightful time utilization analysis. Ideal for projects where financials are tied to time investment, it aids in monitoring billable hours, optimizing resource allocation, and maintaining budget adherence.

5. Scriptrunner

This Jira software app exponentially expands Jira’s automation and customization potential through groovy scripts. It offers a versatile toolkit for automating repetitive tasks, crafting custom workflows, and enhancing integrations. Scriptrunner is invaluable for organizations looking to streamline operations, enforce unique business rules, and bridge Jira with external systems seamlessly.

6. BigPicture

BigPicture This Atlassian app is a comprehensive solution for managing complex projects or portfolios within Jira. It introduces advanced project management features, including Gantt charts for timeline planning, resource management tools for optimizing team workload, and roadmaps for visualizing project trajectories. BigPicture is especially beneficial for large-scale projects requiring intricate planning and coordination across multiple teams.

7. Zephyr

Zephyr for jiraThis Atlassian addon elevates the testing process by integrating full-scale test management capabilities into the Jira ecosystem. It supports the creation, organization, and execution of test cases and plans, offering seamless integration into the software development lifecycle. With Zephyr, QA teams can efficiently track testing progress, manage defects, and ensure comprehensive coverage.

8. Structure

Structure Jira application enhances Jira’s project management capabilities by introducing flexible, hierarchical organization of issues, enabling teams to manage complex projects with ease. Its dynamic frameworks support varied project management methodologies, from waterfall to agile, allowing for the aggregation of issues, tasks, and sub-tasks into structured, easily navigable hierarchies.

9. Automation for Jira

Automation for JiraAutomation Jira addon democratizes the automation of workflows and tasks, permitting users to configure a wide array of automated actions without deep technical knowledge. By defining triggers, conditions, and actions, teams can automate routine processes with this Jira automation addon, from issue transitions to notifications, thereby focusing more on high-value activities.

10. Insight

InsightInsight is among those Jira extensions that deliver asset and configuration management directly within Jira, offering a structured approach to tracking and managing assets, from IT hardware to software licenses. By cataloging assets and their interdependencies, Insight aids in streamlining operations, facilitating service management, and ensuring compliance.


Integrating these top-tier Jira addons into your environment promises not just to augment your project management toolkit but to revolutionize your approach to achieving operational excellence and project success. Each of these Atlassian apps, with its unique set of features, is designed to tackle specific challenges, from enhancing data analysis with eazyBI to optimizing resource planning with Planyway. 

By carefully selecting and implementing these Jira add-ons, you can tailor Jira to meet your organizational needs, driving efficiency, enhancing productivity, and pushing your projects across the finish line with unmatched precision and ease.

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